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Srinivasan, A.
Srinivasan, Aravind


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-1998Approximating hyper-rectangles: Learning and pseudorandom setsAuer, P.; Long, P.M. ; Srinivasan, A. 
22000Approximating low-congestion routing and column-restricted packing problemsBaveja, A.; Srinivasan, A. 
31999Computing with very weak random sourcesSrinivasan, A. ; Zuckerman, D.
41997Constant-factor approximation algorithm for packet routing, and balancing local vs. global criteriaSrinivasan, Aravind ; Teo, Chung-Piaw 
5Jan-1998Explicit OR-dispersers with polylogarithmic degreeSaks, M.; Srinivasan, A. ; Zhou, S.
61999Improved approximation guarantees for packing and covering integer programsSrinivasan, A. 
71997Improved approximations for edge-disjoint paths, unsplittable flow, and related routing problemsSrinivasan, Aravind 
82000Improved bounds on the sample complexity of learningLi, Yi ; Long, Philip M. ; Srinivasan, Aravind 
9Apr-1997Improved Parallel Approximation of a Class of Integer Programming ProblemsAlon, N.; Srinivasan, A. 
101997Improving the discrepancy bound for sparse matrices: Better approximations for sparse lattice approximation problemsSrinivasan, Aravind 
111998Low-bandwidth routing and electrical power networksCook, D.; Faber, V.; Marathe, M.; Srinivasan, A. ; Sussmann, Y.J.
12Mar-1996On the Complexity of Distributed Network DecompositionPanconesi, A.; Srinivasan, A. 
13Apr-1997Randomized distributed edge coloring via an extension of the Chernoff-Hoeffding boundsPanconesi, A.; Srinivasan, A. 
142001The one-inclusion graph algorithm is near-optimal for the prediction model of learningLi, Y. ; Long, P.M. ; Srinivasan, A.