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Liu, Bo
Liu, B.H.
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11998A novel method for reduction of the cross track profile asymmetry of mr head during self servo-writingLiu, B. ; Hu, S.-B. ; Chen, Q.-S.
217-Apr-2003Adaptive harmonic wavelet transform with applications in vibration analysisLiu, B. 
3Jun-2002Bearing failure detection using matching pursuitLiu, B. ; Ling, S.F.; Gribonval, R.
415-Apr-1996Bit-shift performance investigations at different skew angles and for different media orientationsHu, S.B. ; Liu, B. ; Lee, C.S.
5Oct-2002Comparative study of head-disk spacing measurement techniques between optical method and various in-situ methodsHu, S.-B. ; Yuan, Z.-M.; Zhang, W.; Liu, B. ; Wan, L.; Xian, R.
62-Mar-1996Computer modelling of spatial temperature gradient dependence of magnetic field modulation in magneto-optic recordingLiu, Bo ; Clegg, Warwick W.
71996Contamination build-up on abs and its effects on read/write performance of near-contact recording systemsLiu, B. ; Hu, S.B. ; Soo, K.T. ; Wang, J.P. 
8Mar-2000Design and analysis of MEMS-based slider suspensions for a high-performance magnetic recording systemSheng, G. ; Liu, B. ; Hua, W.; Miao, Y.; Xu, B.; Yan, L.; Sridhar, U.
91997Effect of anisotropy field magnitude distribution on signal-to-noise ratioWei, D.; Liu, B. 
101996Effects of seeking velocity on air bearing skew angle, air flow speed and flying performance of sliders with different abs designsLiu, B. ; Soh, S.H. 
114-Aug-2000Femtosecond Z-scan investigation of nonlinear refraction in surface modified PbS nanoparticlesLi, H.P.; Liu, B. ; Kam, C.H.; Lam, Y.L.; Que, W.X.; Gan, L.M. ; Chew, C.H. ; Xu, G.Q. 
122012High internal quantum efficiency in fullerene solar cells based on crosslinked polymer donor networksLiu, B. ; Png, R.-Q. ; Zhao, L.-H.; Chua, L.-L. ; Friend, R.H. ; Ho, P.K.H. 
13Feb-2010High-performance polymer semiconducting heterostructure devices by nitrene-mediated photocrosslinking of alkyl side chainsPng, R.-Q. ; Chia, P.-J. ; Tang, J.-C. ; Liu, B. ; Sivaramakrishnan, S. ; Zhou, M. ; Khong, S.-H.; Chan, H.S.O. ; Burroughes, J.H.; Chua, L.-L. ; Friend, R.H. ; Ho, P.K.H. 
141998Isolated Pulse Distortion and Medium Noise Analysis for SubmicrometerWidth NarrowTrack RecordingWei, D. ; He, L. ; Liu, B. 
151998Isolated Pulse Distortion and Medium Noise Analysis for SubmicrometerWidth NarrowTrack RecordingWei, D. ; He, L. ; Liu, B. 
1615-Apr-1997Landing zone skew angle, long term stiction, and contamination build up on slider surfaces of disk drivesLiu, B. ; Lim, S.T. ; Sheng, G. 
372009Large magnetic moment obtained in cu-doped ZnO nanoclustersCheong, J.Y.; Chen, T.; Tay, B.K.; Liu, B. ; Lim, B.C.
381996Magnetic anisotropy of the Fe-SiO2 and Fe20Ni80-SiO2 granular solid measured using the magnetic relaxation methodWang, J.-P. ; Han, D.H.; Luo, H.L.; Liu, B. ; Hu, S.B. ; Low, T.S. 
39Aug-2004Magnetic properties of Co-ferrite and SiO 2-doped Co-ferrite thin films and powders by sol-gelWang, Y.C.; Ding, J. ; Liu, B.H. ; Shi, Y. 
401997Meniscus Force Modeling and Study on the Fluctuation of Stiction/Friction Force in CSS Test ProcessLiu, B.