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Yeow Khoon, Lawrence Loh
Loh, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018Board governance and sustainability disclosure: A cross-sectional study of Singapore-listed companiesHu, M ; Loh, L 
22020Can family members’ involvement improve technological innovation? Empirical study based on chinese family?owned enterprisesZhuang, L.; Loh, Lawrence ; Zheng, M.
31993Corporate governance and strategic resource allocation: The case of information technology investmentsLoh, L. ; Venkatraman, N.
41997Critical success factors for inflight catering services: Singapore Airport Terminal Services' practices as management benchmarksChang, Z.Y. ; Yeong, W.Y. ; Loh, L. 
51992Determinants of information technology outsourcing: A cross-sectional analysisLoh, L. ; Venkatraman, N.
617-May-2021Exploring the antecedents and consequences of effectuation in NPD: the moderating role of firm sizeCHENG DENG; jianjun yang; Lawrence Loh ; Tian Mu
71992Financial characteristics of leveraged buyoutsLoh, L. 
821-Apr-2020How do environmental, social and governance initiatives affect innovative performance for corporate sustainability?Zhang, Q.; Loh, L. ; Wu, W.
92020Impact of sustainability reporting on brand value: An examination of 100 leading brands in SingaporeLoh, L. ; Tan, S.
101995Job orientation, perceptions, and satisfaction a study of information technology professionals in SingaporeLoh, L. ; Sankar, C.S.; Yeong, W.Y. 
111996Strategies to improve job satisfaction of U.S. technical personnelByrd, T.A.; Sankar, C.S.; Loh, L. 
122019Sustainability governance in China: An analysis of regional ecological efficiencySun, X.; Loh, L. 
132017Sustainability reporting and firm value: Evidence from Singapore-listed companiesLoh, L ; Thomas, T; Wang, Y 
142020Sustainable innovation governance: An analysis of regional innovation with a super efficiency slack-based measure modelXu, K.; Loh, L. ; Chen, Q.
151998The adoption of internet-based stock trading: A conceptual framework and empirical resultsLoh, L. ; Ong, Y.-S.