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Yang Jian
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Yang, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A bis(p-sulfonatophenyl)phenylphosphine-based synthesis of hollow Pt nanospheresYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Too, H.-P. ; Valiyaveettil, S. 
21-Sep-2004A highly efficient phase transfer method for preparing alkylamine- stabilized Ru, Pt, and Au nanoparticlesYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Deivaraj, T.C. ; Too, H.-P.
329-Apr-2005A phase transfer identification of core-shell structures in Au-Ru nanoparticlesYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Too, H.-P.
431-Mar-2005A phase-transfer identification of core-shell structures in Ag-Pt nanoparticlesYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Chen, L.X. ; Too, H.-P.
511-May-2004Acetate stabilization of metal nanoparticles and its role in the preparation of metal nanoparticles in ethylene glycolYang, J. ; Deivaraj, T.C. ; Too, H.-P.; Lee, J.Y. 
62005Core-shell Ag-Au nanoparticles from replacement reaction in organic mediumYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Too, H.-P. 
72006Inhibition of DNA hybridization by small metal nanoparticlesYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Chow, G.-M. ; Too, H.-P. 
82008Intensity-dependent enhancement of saturable absorption in PbS- Au 4 nanohybrid composites: Evidence for resonant energy transfer by Auger recombinationElim, H.I. ; Ji, W. ; Yang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. 
9Dec-2010Methanol-tolerant heterogeneous PdCo@PdPt/C electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reactionYang, J. ; Cheng, C.H.; Zhou, W. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Liu, Z.
102006Observation of saturable and reverse-saturable absorption at longitudinal surface plasmon resonance in gold nanorodsElim, H.I. ; Yang, J. ; Lee, J.-Y. ; Mi, J.; Ji, W. 
112005Phase transfer identification of core-shell structures in Ag-Au bimetallic nanoparticlesYang, J. ; Lee, J.Y. ; Chen, L.X. ; Too, H.-P.
122005Size sorting of Au and Pt nanoparticles from arbitrary particle size distributionsYang, J. ; Jim, Y.L. ; Too, H.-P.