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Shao, Q.I.-M.
Shao, Q.-M.
Shao, Q.-m.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2003A Gaussian correlation inequality and its applications to the existence of small ball constantShao, Q.-M. 
23-Jan-1994A note on dichotomy theorems for integrals of stable processesHorváth, L.; Shao, Q.-M. 
3Jul-1993A note on small ball probability of a Gaussian process with stationary incrementsShao, Q.-M. 
4Feb-1995A note on the almost sure central limit theorem for weakly dependent random variablesPeligrad, M.; Shao, Q.-M. 
5Dec-1994A note on the law of large numbers for directed random walks in random environmentsJorváth, L.; Shao, Q.-M. 
6Apr-1994A self-normalized Erdo{combining double acute accent}s-Rényi type strong law of large numbersCsörgo, M.; Shao, Q.-M. 
7Nov-2005Almost sure convergence of the Bartlett estimatorBerkes, I.; Horváth, L.; Kokoszka, P.; Shao, Q.-M. 
825-Jun-2004Asymptotic distributions and Berry-Esseen bounds for sums of record valuesShao, Q.-M. ; Su, C.; Wei, G.
9Mar-1995Asymptotics for directed random walks in random environmentsHorváth, L.; Shao, Q.-M. 
101996Bahadur efficiency and robustness of studentized score testsHe, X.; Shao, Q.-M. 
11Oct-1993Bootstrapping the sample means for stationary mixing sequencesShao, Q.-M. ; Yu, H.
121996Bounds and estimators of a basic constant in extreme value theory of gaussian processesShao, Q.-M. 
13Oct-1996Darling-Erdos-type theorems for sums of Gaussian variables with long-range dependenceHorvàth, L.; Shao, Q.-M. 
14Jul-1996Large deviations and law of the iterated logarithm for partial sums normalized by the largest absolute observationHorváth, L.; Shao, Q.-M. 
151-Apr-1995Limit theorems for the union-intersection testHorváth, L.; Shao, Q.-M. 
16Jul-2004Normal approximation under local dependenceChen, L.H.Y. ; Shao, Q.-M. 
17Jun-1994On a new law of the iterated logarithm of Erdo{combining double acute accent}s and RévészShao, Q.-M. 
18Mar-1994On almost sure limit inferior for B-valued stochastic processes and applicationsCsörgo, M.; Shao, Q.-M. 
19Jul-1995On moduli of continuity for local times of Gaussian processesCsörgo and #x030B;, M.; Lin, Z.-Y.; Shao, Q.-M. 
201996p-Variation of gaussian processes with stationary incrementsShao, Q.-M.