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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Nov-2009AGAMOUS controls GIANT KILLER, a multifunctional chromatin modifier in reproductive organ patterning and differentiationNg, K.-H.; Yu, H. ; Ito, T. 
22011AtPV42a and AtPV42b redundantly regulate reproductive development in arabidopsis thalianaFang, L.; Hou, X. ; Lee, L.Y.C.; Liu, L.; Yan, X.; Yu, H. 
32017DOAP1 promotes flowering in the orchid Dendrobium chao praya smileSawettalake N.; Bunnag S.; Wang Y. ; Shen L.; Yu H. 
45-Jan-2017Dot Blot Analysis of N6-methyladenosine RNA Modification LevelsShen, Lisha; LIANG ZHE ; YU HAO 
51-Nov-2021Epitranscriptome engineering in crop improvementYu Hao ; Lisha Shen
62018FTIP-Dependent STM Trafficking Regulates Shoot Meristem Development in ArabidopsisLiu, L.; Li, C. ; Song, S. ; Teo, Z.W.N. ; Shen, L.; Wang, Y. ; Jackson, D.; Yu, H. 
730-Dec-2021GSK3s: nodes of multilayer regulation of plant development and stress responsesHAO YU ; Chengxiang Li ; Bin Zhang
84-Oct-2012Insights into the molecular mechanism of RGL2-mediated inhibition of seed germination in Arabidopsis thalianaStamm, P.; Ravindran, P.; Mohanty, B.; Tan, E.L.; Yu, H. ; Kumar, P.P. 
930-Jan-2022Kilobase-scale genomic deletion of DOTFL1 in dendrobium orchidsHAO YU ; Yan Li ; Bin Zhang
102020Mesostigma viride Genome and Transcriptome Provide Insights into the Origin and Evolution of StreptophytaLiang, Z.; Geng, Y.; Ji, C.; Du, H.; Wong, C.E. ; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, P.; Riaz, A.; Chachar, S.; Ding, Y.; Wen, J.; Wu, Y.; Wang, M.; Zheng, H.; Wu, Y.; Demko, V.; Shen, L.; Han, X.; Zhang, P.; Gu, X.; Yu, H. 
111-Apr-2019Messenger RNA Modifications in PlantsShen, Lisha; Liang, Zhe ; Wong, Chui Eng ; Yu, Hao 
121-Jul-2019Molecular Basis of Natural Variation in Photoperiodic Flowering ResponsesBAO SHENGJIE ; Hua, C; Huang, G; CHENG PENG ; Gong Ximing ; Shen, L; YU HAO 
132016Molecular characterization of FT and FD homologs from Eriobotrya deflexa Nakai forma koshunensisZhang, L; Yu, H ; Lin, S; Gao, Y
1430-Oct-2021N6-methyladenosine modification underlies messenger RNA metabolism and plant developmentHAO YU ; Yanlin Shao; Chui Eng Wong; Lisha Shen
1515-Feb-2022New insights into centromeres from Arabidopsis Col-CEN assemblyAn Yan ; HAO YU 
162016Pin1At regulates PIN1 polar localization and root gravitropismXi, W ; Gong, X ; Yang, Q ; Yu, H ; Liou, Y.-C 
1730-Jan-2022RNA N6-methyladenosine modification promotes auxin biosynthesis required for male meiosis in riceHAO YU ; PENG CHENG ; SHENGJIE BAO ; CHENGXIANG LI ; JIANHUA TONG; LISHA SHEN
1812-Jun-2020SHAGGY-like kinase 12 regulates flowering through mediating CONSTANS stability in ArabidopsisChen, Y. ; Song, S. ; Gan, Y.; Jiang, L.; Yu, H. ; Shen, L.
192018Site-specific phosphorylation of TRANSPARENT TESTA GLABRA1 mediates carbon partitioning in Arabidopsis seedsLi C. ; Zhang B. ; Chen B.; Ji L. ; Yu H. 
201-Oct-2019The MCTP-SNARE Complex Regulates Florigen Transport in ArabidopsisLiu, Lu; LI CHUNYING ; NORMAN TEO ZHI WEI ; Zhang, Bin; YU HAO