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Chionh, Eng-Wee
Chionh, E.
Chionh, E.-W.
Wee, Chionh Eng
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120080/0 Simplifies implicitizationChionh, E.-W. 
22007Bracket producing rows and columns of the dixon determinantXiao, W.; Chionh, E.-W. 
3Aug-1997Concise parallel Dixon determinantChionh, E.-W. 
42004Corner edge cutting and Dixon A-resultant quotientsFoo, M.-C.; Chionh, E.-W. 
5Jun-1992Degree, multiplicity, and inversion formulas for rational surfaces using u-resultantsChionh, E.-W. ; Goldman, R.N.
6Jan-1995Elimination and resultants part 1: elimination and bivariate resultantsWee, Chionh Eng ; Goldman, Ronald N.
7Mar-1995Elimination and resultants. Part 2: Multivariate resultantsWee, Chionh Eng ; Goldman, Ronald N.
82002Fast computation of the Bezout and Dixon resultant matricesChionh, E.-W. ; Zhang, M.; Goldman, R.N.
92005Formal power series and loose entry formulas for the Dixon matrixXiao, W.; Chionh, E.-W. 
102006Inherently improper surface parametric supportsChionh, E.-W. ; Gao, X.-S.; Shen, L.-Y.
111999On a relationship between the moving line and moving conic coefficient matricesZhang, M.; Chionh, E.-W. ; Goldman, R.N.
12Jan-1994On the existence and the coefficients of the implicit equation of rational surfacesChionh, Eng-Wee ; Goldman, Ronald N.
132001On the minors of the implicitization Bezout matrix for a rational plane curveChionh, E.-W. ; Sederberg, T.W.
142003Parallel Dixon matrices by bracketChionh, E.-W. 
152011Proper reparametrization for inherently improper unirational varietiesShen, L.; Chionh, E. ; Gao, X.-S.; Li, J.
162001Rectangular Corner Cutting and Dixon A-resultantsChionh, E.-W. 
172009Shifting planes always implicitize a surface of revolutionChionh, E.-W. 
182008Shifting planes to follow a surface of revolutionChionh, E.-W. 
192008Surface-surface intersection by hermite interpolationChionh, E.-W. 
202008The maximality of the dixon matrix on corner-cut monomial supportsChionh, E.-W.