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Sun Jia
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Sun, J.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Blockade of neurokinin-1 receptor attenuates CC and CXC chemokine production in experimental acute pancreatitis and associated lung injurySun, J. ; Bhatia, M. 
22009Effect of hydrogen sulfide on the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-protein kinase B pathway and on caerulein-induced cytokine production in isolated mouse pancreatic acinar cellsTamizhselvi, R. ; Sun, J. ; Koh, Y.-H.; Bhatia, M. 
32007Effect of mitogen-activated protein kinases on chemokine synthesis induced by substance P in mouse pancreatic acinar cellsRamnath, R.D. ; Sun, J. ; Adhikari, S. ; Bhatia, M. 
42006Inflammatory mediators in sepsis: Cytokines, chemokines, adhesion molecules and gasesDevi, Ramnath R. ; Weing, S.; He, M.; Sun, J. ; Zhang, H. ; Singh, Bawa M.; Bhatia, M. 
52009Involvement of Src family kinases in substance P-induced chemokine production in mouse pancreatic acinar cells and its significance in acute pancreatitisRamnath, R.D. ; Sun, J. ; Bhatia, M. 
62008Neurokinin A engages neurokinin-1 receptor to induce NF-κB-dependent gene expression in murine macrophages: Implications of ERK1/2 and PI 3-kinase/Akt pathwaysSun, J. ; Ramnath, R.D. ; Tamizhselvi, R. ; Bhatia, M. 
72007Neuropeptide substance P upregulates chemokine and chemokine receptor expression in primary mouse neutrophilsSun, J. ; Ramnath, R.D. ; Bhatia, M. 
82008Role of PKC-δ on substance P-induced chemokine synthesis in pancreatic acinar cellsRamnath, R.D. ; Sun, J. ; Adhikari, S. ; Zhi, L. ; Bhatia, M. 
92009Role of protein kinase C and phosphoinositide 3-kinase-Akt in substance P-induced proinflammatory pathways in mouse macrophagesSun, J. ; Ramnath, R.D. ; Tamizhselvi, R. ; Bhatia, M. 
102008Substance P enhances NF-κB transactivation and chemokine response in murine macrophages via ERK1/2 and p38 MAPK signaling pathwaysSun, J. ; Ramnath, R.D. ; Zhi, L. ; Tamizhselvi, R. ; Bhatia, M.