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Kwok Yung, Godfrey Yeung
Yeung, G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2012Centralization and marginalization: The Chinese banking industry in reformYeung, G. ; He, C.; Liu, H.
23-Jun-2020Chinese state-owned commercial banks in reform: Inefficient and yet credible and functional?GODFREY YEUNG 
3Oct-2010Export orientation and technical efficiency: Clothing firms in ChinaMok, V.; Yeung, G. ; Han, Z.; Li, Z.
4Jan-2013Geographical interdependence, international trade and economic dynamics: The Chinese and German solar energy industriesDunford, M.; Lee, K.H.; Liu, W.; Yeung, G. 
529-Jun-2022Hybrid governance of joint ventures in transitional economies: The case of Guangzhou Automobile Group in ChinaGodfrey Yeung ; Yi Liu
62009Hybrid property, path dependence, market segmentation and financial exclusion: The case of the banking industry in ChinaYeung, G. 
7Jan-2012International trade and industrial dynamics: Geographical and structural dimensions of Chinese and Sino-EU merchandise tradeLi, L.; Dunford, M.; Yeung, G. 
82008ISO 9000 certification and technical efficiency of foreign-financed manufacturing firms in southern China: A stochastic frontier approachYeung, G. ; Mok, V.
95-Sep-2018'Made in China 2025': The development of a new energy vehicle industry in ChinaGodfrey Yeung 
10Jan-2013Manufacturing and Distribution Strategies, Distribution Channels, and Transaction Costs: The Case of Parallel Imported AutomobilesYeung, G. ; Mok, V.
1121-Jan-2021Pro-active regional policy and the relocation of manufacturing firms: A case study of state-led industrial relocation in Guangdong, ChinaYi Liu; Godfrey Yeung ; Yutian LIANG, X. Li
122-Feb-2017Rural Banking in China: A Case of Centralization?Godfrey Yeung ; Canfei He; Peng Zhang
131-Feb-2017Rural Banking in China: Geographically Accessible but still Financially Excluded?Godfrey Yeung ; Canfei He; Peng Zhang
14Jun-2011The locational distribution of foreign banks in China: A disaggregated analysisHe, C.; Yeung, G. 
1519-Jul-2022The Sinicisation of the Hong Kong economy or the Hongkongnisation of the Greater Bay Area: are we `barking up the wrong tree??Godfrey Yeung ; Tai-lok Lui
16Jan-2011Towards global convergence: Emerging economies, the rise of China and western sunset?Dunford, M.; Yeung, G.