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Zou Keyuan
(not current staff)
Keyuan, Z.O.U.
Zou, K.
Keyuan, Z.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2003China's efforts in deep sea-bed mining: Law and practiceKeyuan, Z. 
22001China's exclusive economic zone and continental shelf: Developments, problems, and prospectsKeyuan, Z. 
3Oct-2004China's governance over offshore oil and gas development and managementKeyuan, Z. 
42003China's possible role in Myanmar's national reconciliationKeyuan, Z. 
52002Disrupting or Maintaining the Marine Legal Order in East AsiaKeyuan, Z. 
6Jan-2003Governing marine scientific research in ChinaKeyuan, Z. 
7Nov-2005Governing the Taiwan Issue in Accordance with Law: An Essay on China's Anti-Secession LawZou, K. 
82001Historic rights in international law and in China's practiceKeyuan, Z. 
9May-1999Implementing marine environmental protection in law in China: Progress, problems and prospectsKeyuan, Z. 
10Jul-1998Innocent passage for warships: the Chinese doctrine and practiceKeyuan, Z. 
11Mar-2006Joint development in the South China Sea: A new approachKeyuan, Z. 
122000Judicial reform versus judicial corruption: Recent developments in chinaKeyuan, Z.O.U. 
132003Management of marine nature reserves in China: A legal perspectiveKeyuan, Z. 
14Jul-1999Maritime boundary delimitation in the Gulf of TonkinZou, K. 
15Oct-2002Navigation of foreign vessels within China's jurisdictional watersKeyuan, Z. 
162001People's Republic of ChinaKeyuan, Z. 
17Mar-2003Sino-Japanese joint fishery management in the East China SeaKeyuan, Z. 
182006South China sea studies in China: A Legal PerspectiveKeyuan, Z. 
192001The "re-education through labour" system in China's legal reformZou, K. 
20Jan-2005The Sino-Vietnamese agreement on maritime boundary delimitation in the Gulf of TonkinKeyuan, Z.