Full Name
Xu Xingwang
(not current staff)
Xu, X.
Xingwang, X.
Xingwang, X.U.
Main Affiliation


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2006Classification of solutions of certain fourth-order nonlinear elliptic equations in R{double-struck}4Xingwang, X.U. 
2Feb-1999Classification of solutions of higher order conformally invariant equationsWei, J.; Xu, X. 
3Jul-1996Compactness of isospectral conformal metrics and isospectral potentials on a 4-manifoldChen, R. ; Xu, X. 
42002Conformal energy in four dimensionXu, X. ; Yang, P.C.
5Mar-2009Constant mean curvature spheres in Riemannian manifoldsPacard, F.; Xu, X. 
6Feb-2012Erratum to: The scalar curvature flow on S n-perturbation theorem revisited (Invent Math, 10.1007/s00222-011-0335-6)Chen, X.; Xu, X. 
710-Jul-2005Exact solutions of nonlinear conformally invariant integral equations in R3Xu, X. 
8Jul-2012Existence results for the Einstein-scalar field Lichnerowicz equations on compact Riemannian manifoldsNgô, Q.A.; Xu, X. 
91996Integral estimates of conformal metricsXu, X. 
1015-Jul-1996Least energy solutions of semilinear Neumann problems and asymptoticsPan, X.-B.; Xu, X. 
111-Jan-2009Nonlinear biharmonic equations with negative exponentsChoi, Y.S.; Xu, X. 
12Jun-2002On a fourth order equation in 3-DXu, X. ; Yang, P.C.
131-Aug-1998On Conformal Deformations of Metrics onSnWei, J.; Xu, X. 
142001On conformally invariant equation (-Δ)pu -K(x) uN+2p/N-2p = 0 and Its GeneralizationsLu, G.; Wei, J.; Xu, X. 
152013On the classification of stable solutions to biharmonic problems in large dimensionsWei, J.; Xu, X. ; Yang, W.
16Jun-1996On the existence of extremal metricsXu, X. 
172001Positivity of Paneitz OperatorsXu, X. ; Yang, P.C.
18Apr-2008Prescribed Q-curvature problem on closed 4-Riemannian manifolds in the null caseGe, Y.; Xu, X. 
191-Oct-2009Prescribing Q-curvature problem on SnWei, J.; Xu, X. 
2015-Aug-2011Q-curvature flow on the standard sphere of even dimensionChen, X.; Xu, X.