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Chek Liang Terence Lee
Lee, Chek Liang, Terence
Lee, Chek Liang Terence

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Mar-2021Are ‘Softliners’ the Key to Ending the Crisis?Lee, Chek Liang Terence ; McCarthy, Gerard
2Sep-2009Blue Helmets and Black Markets: The Business of Survival in the Siege of SarajevoLee, Chek Liang, Terence 
32013Frames, Humanitarianism, and LegitimacyMcGahan, Kevin ; Lee, Chek Liang Terence 
412-May-2008Myanmar's Military Regime: The Generals in their LabyrinthLee, Chek Liang Terence 
520-Apr-2022(Not) Democratizing Through Strength: Core Beliefs and the Institutions of Singapore?s People?s Action PartyTerence Lee ; Walid Jumblatt Abdullah 
617-Feb-2020Political orders and peace-building: Ending the Aceh conflictTerence Lee 
729-Aug-2019Political Parties and Military Rule in ThailandTerence Lee Chek Liang 
8Apr-2010Radical Pathways: Understanding Muslim Radicalization in IndonesiaLee, Chek Liang Terence 
92022Reflecting on America’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan: The View from Southeast AsiaLee, Chek Liang Terence 
1019-Oct-2018Retired Military Officers and Politics: An Empirical Analysis of Indonesia’s Military Academy Graduates, 1948-1980Terence Lee Chek Liang 
11May-2009The armed forces and transitions from authoritarian rule: Explaining the role of the military in 1986 Philippines and 1998 IndonesiaLee, Chek Liang, Terence 
1228-Mar-2021The Progress Singapore Party in GE2020: Its History, Organisation, Campaign and Performance in Comparative PerspectiveOng, Jiayun Elvin ; Terence Lee 
132009The Singapore Armed Forces and Domestic SecurityLee, Chek Liang, Terence 
1427-Mar-2019When Militaries Become Spoilers in Civil War Peace Settlements: Managing the Indonesian Armed Forces in the Aceh ConflictTerence Lee Chek Liang