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Yin Xiong
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Yin, X.


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12012A decrease in NiO-MgO phase through its solid solution equilibrium with tetragonal (La1-z Srz)2 Ni1-y Mgy O4-δ: Effect on catalytic partial oxidation of methaneHong, L. ; Yin, X. ; Gong, Z. 
2Aug-2005A study on the fundamental ceramic-polymer interactions in the high CeO2-loading polyethylene glycol blendYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.
35-Jul-2007Asymmetric tubular oxygen-permeable ceramic membrane reactor for partial oxidation of methaneYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.-L.
431-Oct-2016Automatic geographic metadata correction for sensor-rich video sequencesYin, Y ; Wang, G ; Zimmermann, R
52010Chemical stability and oxygen permeability of La0.4Ba 0.6Fe1-xZnxO3-δ Perovskite: The effects of Zn substitutionGong, Z. ; Yin, X. ; Hong, L. 
6Aug-2006Crafting La0.2Sr0.8MnO3-δ membrane with dense surface from porous YSZ tubeYin, X. ; Choong, C.; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.
720-Jan-2006Development of oxygen transport membrane La0.2Sr 0.8CoO3-δ/Ce0.8Gd0.2O 2-δ on the tubular CeO2 supportYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.-L.
815-Feb-2011Electrophoretic deposition of Pt nanoparticles on plastic substrates as counter electrode for flexible dye-sensitized solar cellsYin, X. ; Xue, Z.; Liu, B. 
9Sep-2010Electrophoretic deposition of ZnO photoanode for plastic dye-sensitized solar cellsYin, X. ; Liu, X. ; Wang, L.; Liu, B. 
1028-Aug-2012Enhanced conversion efficiency of flexible dye-sensitized solar cells by optimization of the nanoparticle size with an electrophoretic deposition techniqueXue, Z.; Zhang, W. ; Yin, X. ; Cheng, Y.; Wang, L.; Liu, B. 
115-Nov-2019GPS2Vec: Towards generating worldwide GPS embeddingsYin, Y ; Liu, Z; Zhang, Y; Wang, S ; Shah, RR; Zimmermann, R
1228-Mar-2012High-performance plastic dye-sensitized solar cells based on low-cost commercial P25 TiO 2 and organic dyeYin, X. ; Xue, Z.; Wang, L.; Cheng, Y.; Liu, B. 
1320-Mar-2008Integrating air separation with partial oxidation of methane-A novel configuration of asymmetric tubular ceramic membrane reactorYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.
1415-Oct-2018Learning and fusing multimodal deep features for acoustic scene categorizationYin, Y ; Shah, RR; Zimmermann, R
1512-Nov-2009Modification of B-site doping of perovskite LaxSr1 - xFe1 - y-zCoyCrzO3 - δ oxide by Mg2+ ionGong, Z. ; Yin, X. ; Hong, L. 
1615-Oct-2019Multi-level fusion based class-aware attention model for weakly labeled audio taggingYin, Y ; Shrivastava, H; Chiou, MJ; Shah, RR; Liu, Z; Zimmermann, R
175-Nov-2019Multi-scale graph convolutional network for intersection detection from GPS trajectoriesYin, Y ; Sunderrajan, A; Huang, X; Varadarajan, J; Wang, G; Sahrawat, D; Zhang, Y; Zimmermann, R; Ng, SK
185-Jan-2006Oxygen permeation through the LSCO-80/CeO2 asymmetric tubular membrane reactorYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Liu, Z.-L.
1915-Dec-2009Partial oxidation of methane to syngas over the catalyst derived from double perovskite (La0.5Sr0.5)2FeNiO 6-δYin, X. ; Hong, L. 
2029-Jul-2004Role of a Pb 2+ stabilizer in the electroless nickel plating system: A theoretical explorationYin, X. ; Hong, L. ; Chen, B.-H.