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Title: Steric and Electronic Influences in Os3(CO)11(PR3) Structures
Authors: Biradha, K.
Hansen, V.M.
Leong, W.K. 
Pomeroy, R.K.
Zaworotko, M.J.
Keywords: Carbonyl
Trans influence
Issue Date: 2000
Source: Biradha, K.,Hansen, V.M.,Leong, W.K.,Pomeroy, R.K.,Zaworotko, M.J. (2000). Steric and Electronic Influences in Os3(CO)11(PR3) Structures. Journal of Cluster Science 11 (2) : 285-306. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The structures of Os3(CO)11(PR3) with R = F, OPh, Et, p-C6H4Me, o-C6H4Me, p-C6H4(CF3) and C6H11, and with PR3 = P(OCH2)3CMe have been determined. The Os-Os bond lengths in these compounds are compared to the Os-Os lengths for the other structures of Os3(CO)11(PR3) clusters reported in the literature. In most cases, the Os-Os bond length remote from the P ligand [range, 2.8666(4)-2.9044(4) Å] and that in the pseudo-trans position [range, 2.8712(5)-2.900(1) Å] show little variation as the steric and electronic properties of the P ligand are varied. The Os-Os length cis to PR3 shows more variation [range, 2.879(1)-2.9429(4) Å] and is sensitive to both the size and the σ-donor/π-acceptor properties of the PR3 ligand: larger or better donor PR3 ligands cause an increase in the Os-Os bond length. The Os-P distances [range, 2.15(2)-2.478(1) Å] show a similar dependence on the steric and electronic properties of the PR3 ligand.
Source Title: Journal of Cluster Science
ISSN: 10407278
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