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Title: Nucleophilic addition via metal-metal bond cleavage in an osmium-antimony cluster
Authors: Chen, G.
Leong, W.K. 
Issue Date: 7-Aug-1998
Source: Chen, G.,Leong, W.K. (1998-08-07). Nucleophilic addition via metal-metal bond cleavage in an osmium-antimony cluster. Journal of the Chemical Society - Dalton Transactions (15) : 2489-2492. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The room-temperature reaction of a number of two-electron nucleophiles with the osmium-antimony cluster [Os3(μ-H)(CO)10(μ-SbPh2)] 1 gave adducts [Os3H(CO)10(μ-SbPh2)L] 2 (L = PPh3 a, AsPh3 b, SbPh3 c or CO d), in which the antimony-bridged Os-Os bond has been cleaved in order to accommodate the incoming ligand. X-Ray crystallographic studies on 2b and 2c confirmed that the ligands L occupied an equatorial site of the Os3Sb framework, while NMR studies indicated that the clusters 2a-2c existed as isomeric mixtures, which probably differ in the arrangements of the ligand L relative to the antimony vertex. The reaction leading to the formation of 2b, which was carried out at elevated temperature, also led to decarbonylation to a substituted analogue of 1 in which the ligand L was on the unbridged osmium.
Source Title: Journal of the Chemical Society - Dalton Transactions
ISSN: 03009246
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