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Title: Structures, properties and responses to heat treatment of Cu-Y alloys prepared by mechanical alloying
Authors: Tan, L.K.
Li, Y. 
Ng, S.C. 
Lu, L. 
Keywords: Cu-Y alloys
Mechanical alloying
Nanocrystalline alloys
Issue Date: 1-Aug-1998
Citation: Tan, L.K.,Li, Y.,Ng, S.C.,Lu, L. (1998-08-01). Structures, properties and responses to heat treatment of Cu-Y alloys prepared by mechanical alloying. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 278 (1-2) : 201-208. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Cu100-xYx (x=5, 10 and 20 wt. %) alloys were synthesized from elemental powders using mechanical alloying for different durations up to 40 h. The as-milled powder samples were heat treated for 2 h at 300 and 500°C. These samples were characterized by scanning and transmission electron microscopy (SEM and TEM, respectively), X-ray diffractometry, microhardness testing and particle size analysis. Nano-sized αCu grains were found by TEM analysis in all compositions after milling for 20 h by TEM analysis. Both SEM and particle size analyzer confirmed the flattening of the particles into thin discs after milling for 2 h and their size decreased on further milling, reaching a minimum after milling for 10 h and increased significantly after milling for 20 h. No Y or secondary phases were detected by XRD for Cu95Y5 after milling for 20 h. However, a small amount of Cu5Y/Cu4Y was found in the same sample by TEM. The microhardness values increased with milling time, reaching a maximum for powder sample that had been milled for 20 h for Cu95Y5 and 40 h for Cu90Y10 and Cu80Y20 respectively. Heat treatment at 500°C for 2 h on the Cu95Y5 powders which had been milled for 20 h produced no significant coarsening of αCu grains as the size of these grains was still in the nanometer region. However, the amount of Cu5Y/Cu4Y as detected by TEM was found to increase upon heat treatment. © 1998 Elsevier Science S.A. All rights reserved.
Source Title: Journal of Alloys and Compounds
ISSN: 09258388
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