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Title: 邯郸方言语音的社会语言学研究 - 基于河北杜家寺村的入声字变异 = A Sociolinguistic Study of Handan Dialect's Phonetics
Authors: 徐琪
Keywords: Handan dialect, Entering-tone, Sociolinguistic
Issue Date: 5-Dec- 13
Source: 徐琪,XU QI (13-12-05). 邯郸方言语音的社会语言学研究 - 基于河北杜家寺村的入声字变异 = A Sociolinguistic Study of Handan Dialect's Phonetics. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This paper, focusing on the Handan dialect, describes the phonetic system of the dialect according to the filedwork on Du Jia Si village. And emphasis on entering-tone characters, investigates, compares and analyses the main features of the new variety and the old variety. Using the method of Sociolinguistics to analyze the phonetic variation caused by various social factors, and explains the Glottal stop dropping modes from the internal change terms. The innovation of this paper is carried out a detailed investigation by the method of Social Linguistics on entering-tone characters of a northern village, and discusses a variety of social factors that cause the variation. According to the investigation and analysis, this paper believes that with the development of social economy and the influence of dialects contact, the entering-tone of Handan dialect had variated. age and degree of education are the most important factors which causes phonetic variations.
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