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Title: Proposed ethical guidelines and legislative framework for permitting gestational surrogacy in Singapore
Authors: Heng, B.C. 
Keywords: Ethics
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Heng, B.C. (2007). Proposed ethical guidelines and legislative framework for permitting gestational surrogacy in Singapore. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 15 (SUPPL. 1) : 7-11. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Gestational surrogacy is currently banned in Singapore but is much debated. Some ethical guidelines and legislation for permitting gestational surrogacy in Singapore are proposed and discussed including: (i) review and approval of gestational surrogacy by the Ministry of Health on a case-by-case basis; (ii) stringent guidelines for gonadotrophin stimulation, IVF and ICSI procedures in 'Traditional' surrogacy; (iii) restriction of gestational surrogates to parous married women with stable family relationships; (iv) exclusion of foreign women from acting as gestational surrogates, except for close relatives of the recipient couple; (v) reimbursement and/or compensation of gestational surrogates based on the direct expenses model; (vi) exclusion of medical professionals from surrogate recruitment and reimbursement; (vii) the surrogacy contract must make it legally binding for the prospective recipient couple to accept the child, even if it is born with congenital deformities; (viii) stringent guidelines for combining surrogacy with egg donation from a third woman, who is neither the social nor gestational mother. Policymakers in Singapore should conduct a public referendum on the legalization of gestational surrogacy and actively consult the views of healthcare professionals, religious and community leaders, as well as the general public, before reaching any decision. © 2007 Published by Reproductive Healthcare Ltd.
Source Title: Reproductive BioMedicine Online
ISSN: 14726483
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