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Title: 民族自救 : 论钱穆的历史与文化观 = National self-survival: Qian Mu's views on history and culture
Authors: 黄文斌
Keywords: Qian Mu, Chinese Culture and History, Nationalism, Modern Chinese Intellectual
Issue Date: 5-Feb-2005
Citation: 黄文斌,WONG WUN BIN (2005-02-05). 民族自救 : 论钱穆的历史与文化观 = National self-survival: Qian Mu's views on history and culture. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Through a case study of Qian Mu (1895-1990) who embodied the quiet strength of Chinese culture through his lifelong study of Chinese history, this thesis addresses the issue of cultural identity and cultural revival in the face of encroaching western imperialism and increasing cultural cosmopolitanism in twentieth-century China. According to Qian, only when a people comes to understand and appreciate its history sympathetically, respectfully, and affectionately can it find a viable solution to the social and political problems that plague itself. This thesis will show how Qian promoted understanding of China through Chinese history and how he attempted to revitalize Chinese culture from a historical perspective as a way of reinvigorating China. In so doing, China as a civilization and Chinese people as its bearers will be able to survive the onslaughts of cultural imperialism from the West, on their own strength and vitality informed by a sympathetic understanding of their own history.
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