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Title: ABCC5, a Gene That Influences the Anterior Chamber Depth, Is Associated with Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma
Authors: Nongpiur M.E.
Khor C.C. 
Jia H.
Cornes B.K.
Chen L.-J.
Qiao C.
Nair K.S.
Cheng C.-Y. 
Xu L.
George R.
Tan D.
Abu-Amero K.
Perera S.A.
Ozaki M.
Mizoguchi T.
Kurimoto Y.
Low S.
Tajudin L.-S.A.
Ho C.-L.
Tham C.C.Y.
Soto I.
Chew P.T.K. 
Wong H.-T.
Shantha B.
Kuroda M.
Osman E.A.
Tang G.
Fan S.
Meng H.
Wang H.
Feng B.
Yong V.H.K.
Ting S.M.L.
Li Y.
Wang Y.-X.
Li Z.
Lavanya R.
Wu R.-Y.
Zheng Y.-F.
Su D.H.
Loon S.-C.
Allingham R.R.
Hauser M.A.
Soumittra N.
Ramprasad V.L.
Waseem N.
Yaakub A.
Chia K.-S. 
Kumaramanickavel G.
Wong T.T.
How A.C.
Chau T.N.B.
Simmons C.P.
Bei J.-X.
Zeng Y.-X.
Bhattacharya S.S.
Zhang M.
Tan D.T.
Teo Y.-Y. 
Al-Obeidan S.A.
Hon D.N.
Tai E.-S. 
Saw S.-M. 
Foster P.J.
Vijaya L.
Jonas J.B.
Wong T.-Y. 
John S.W.M.
Pang C.-P.
Vithana E.N.
Wang N.
Aung T. 
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Citation: Nongpiur M.E., Khor C.C., Jia H., Cornes B.K., Chen L.-J., Qiao C., Nair K.S., Cheng C.-Y., Xu L., George R., Tan D., Abu-Amero K., Perera S.A., Ozaki M., Mizoguchi T., Kurimoto Y., Low S., Tajudin L.-S.A., Ho C.-L., Tham C.C.Y., Soto I., Chew P.T.K., Wong H.-T., Shantha B., Kuroda M., Osman E.A., Tang G., Fan S., Meng H., Wang H., Feng B., Yong V.H.K., Ting S.M.L., Li Y., Wang Y.-X., Li Z., Lavanya R., Wu R.-Y., Zheng Y.-F., Su D.H., Loon S.-C., Allingham R.R., Hauser M.A., Soumittra N., Ramprasad V.L., Waseem N., Yaakub A., Chia K.-S., Kumaramanickavel G., Wong T.T., How A.C., Chau T.N.B., Simmons C.P., Bei J.-X., Zeng Y.-X., Bhattacharya S.S., Zhang M., Tan D.T., Teo Y.-Y., Al-Obeidan S.A., Hon D.N., Tai E.-S., Saw S.-M., Foster P.J., Vijaya L., Jonas J.B., Wong T.-Y., John S.W.M., Pang C.-P., Vithana E.N., Wang N., Aung T. (2014). ABCC5, a Gene That Influences the Anterior Chamber Depth, Is Associated with Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma. PLoS Genetics 10 (3) : e1004089. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Source Title: PLoS Genetics
ISSN: 15537390
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004089
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