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Title: A preliminary revision of Chinese Sematophyllaceae
Authors: Tan, B.C. 
Jia, Y.
Issue Date: Jul-1999
Citation: Tan, B.C.,Jia, Y. (1999-07). A preliminary revision of Chinese Sematophyllaceae. Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory (86) : 1-70. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The moss family Sematophyllaceae is revised for the Chinese flora based on the study of some 500 Chinese and non-Chinese collections and type specimens. The family is shown to consist of 18 genera, 45 species, 5 varieties and 1 form. Chionostoma hainanensis Tan & Jia, Gammiella panchienii Tan & Jia and Wijkia hornschuchii var. acutifolia Tan & Jia are newly described. In addition to many new provincial records, 9 species are reported new to China including Taiwan. They are Acroporium rufum (Reinw. & Hornsch.) Fleisch., Hageniella sikkimensis Broth., Papillidiopsis ramulina (Thwaites & Mitt.) Buck & Tan, Sematophyllum subpinnatum (Brid.) Britt., Taxithelium alare Broth., Trichosteleum lutschianum (Broth. & Par.) Broth., T. singapurense Fleisch., T. stigmosum Mitt, and Wijkia surcularis (Mitt.) Crum. Papillidiopsis complanata (Dix.) Buck & Tan and Brotherella falcata (Card.) Broth. are newly reported for Japan. Twenty-five new synonyms are proposed and lectotypes are selected for Meiothecium angustirete Broth., Brotherella integrifolia Broth, and B. subintegra Broth. Nomenclaturally, 7 new combinations are proposed: Clastobryopsis planula var. delicata (Broth, ex Fleisch.) Tan & Jia, Brotherella henonii (Duby) Fleisch, var. falcatula (Broth.) Tan & Jia, Gammiella koningsbergeri (Fleisch.) Tan & Jia, Hageniella micans (Mitt.) Tan & Jia, Papillidiopsis stissophylla (Hampe) Tan & Jia, Pylaisiadelpha capillacea (Griff.) Tan & Jia, Radulina hamata var. ferriei (Card. & Thér.) Tan & Jia and Sematophyllum subpinnatum fo. tristiculum (Mitt.) Tan & Jia. Clastobryum excavatum Broth, is shown to be a heterotypic synonym of Rozea pterogonioides (Harv.) Jaeg. and belongs in the Brachytheciaceae. Lastly, the Chinese records of Malesian and Australasian taxa, such as Gammiella koningsbergeri, Radulina elegantissima (Fleisch.) Buck & Tan, Sematophyllum subcylindricum (Broth.) Sainsb., Trichosteleum mammosum (C. Muell.) Jaeg. and T. pseudomammosum Fleisch., are questioned.
Source Title: Journal of the Hattori Botanical Laboratory
ISSN: 00730912
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