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Title: Thermal and photoinduced chemistry of Mo(CO)6 on clean and chemically modified Ru(001)
Authors: Huang, H.H. 
Sreekanth, C.S. 
Seet, C.S.
Jiang, X.
Xu, G.Q. 
Keywords: Low index single crystal surfaces
Surface photochemistry
Thermal desorption spectroscopy
Issue Date: 1-Oct-1996
Citation: Huang, H.H., Sreekanth, C.S., Seet, C.S., Jiang, X., Xu, G.Q. (1996-10-01). Thermal and photoinduced chemistry of Mo(CO)6 on clean and chemically modified Ru(001). Surface Science 365 (3) : 769-778. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The thermal and photoinduced desorption and decomposition of Mo(CO)6 were studied on the clean and chemically modified Ru(001) surfaces. Mo(CO)6 adsorbs dissociatively on the clean Ru(001) forming CO and Mo(CO)x fragments. The first and second monolayers of molecularly adsorbed Mo(CO)6 desorb at 215 and 210 K, respectively. Chemical modifications of the surface with O-and S-adatoms strongly influence the adsorption of Mo(CO)6 by both stabilizing the first molecular layer of Mo(CO)6 and by suppressing the decomposition. Photochemical studies were conducted for one monolayer of molecular Mo(CO)6 adsorbed on the clean as well as the O-and CO-saturated Ru(001) surfaces by UV irradiation at various wavelengths (290-390 nm). Both photodesorption and photodecomposition through the direct UV absorption by the adsorbed Mo(CO)6 molecule were observed. However, the extent of photodecomposition was considerably enhanced on the CO-presaturated surface in comparison to the clean Ru(001). This is probably due to the decrease in the quenching of electronically excited Mo(CO)6 by the presence of a layer of adsorbed CO on the surface.
Source Title: Surface Science
ISSN: 00396028
DOI: 10.1016/0039-6028(96)00761-3
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