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Title: Novel luminescent tetranuclear and pentanuclear copper(I)-dithiolates
Authors: Xu, H. 
Yip, J.H.K. 
Issue Date: 28-Jul-2003
Citation: Xu, H.,Yip, J.H.K. (2003-07-28). Novel luminescent tetranuclear and pentanuclear copper(I)-dithiolates. Inorganic Chemistry 42 (15) : 4492-4494. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Tetranuclear [Cu4(μ2-dppm) 3(μ2-μ2- NS2)(μ2-μ4-NS2)] (1) and pentanuclear [Cu5(μ2-dppm) 4(μ3-μ-3- NS2)2]PF6 (2·PF6) (dppm = bis(diphenylphoshino)methane, NS2 2- = 1,8-naphthalenedithiolate) were synthesized from the reactions between NS2 2- and [Cu2(μ2-dppm) 2(CH3CN)2](PF6)2. Compound 1 features a square Cu4 core capped by a 5-coordinate S atom while 2·PF6 exhibits an unprecedented square planar Cu5 core. Both complexes display dual emissions at 480 and 620 nm which arise from ligand-centered nπ* and ligand-metal charge-transfer excited states, respectively.
Source Title: Inorganic Chemistry
ISSN: 00201669
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