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Title: Heterocyclic thionates as a new class of bridging ligands in oxo-centered triangular cyclopentadienylchromium(III) complexes
Authors: Ng, V.W.L.
Seah, L.K. 
Weng, K.L. 
Lip, L.K. 
Geok, K.T.
Lai, Y.G. 
Webster, R.D.
Issue Date: 25-Jul-2005
Citation: Ng, V.W.L., Seah, L.K., Weng, K.L., Lip, L.K., Geok, K.T., Lai, Y.G., Webster, R.D. (2005-07-25). Heterocyclic thionates as a new class of bridging ligands in oxo-centered triangular cyclopentadienylchromium(III) complexes. Inorganic Chemistry 44 (15) : 5229-5240. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The interactions of the benzothiazolate complex, CpCr(CO) 2(SCSN(C6H4)) (2), and the tetrazole thiolate complex, CpCr(CO)3(η1-SCN4Ph) (3), with controlled amounts of Me3OBF4 and (MeO)2SO 2, respectively, produced the corresponding μ3-oxo trinuclear thionate-bridged complexes, [Cp3Cr3(μ 2-OH)(μ3-O)(μ2-η2- SCSN(C6H4))2](5)BF4 (45%) and [Cp3Cr3(μ2-OH)(μ3-O) (μ2-η2-SCN4Ph)2](9) (MeOSO3) (53%), together with their respective free dimethylated thiolate ligands, [MeSCSNMe(C6H4)](4)BF4 and (Me2SCN4Ph)(8)MeOSO3. The reaction of 3 with Me3OBF4 resulted in the isolation of a binuclear complex, [Cp2Cr2(μ-OH)(μ-η2-SCN 4Ph)2](7)BF4 (43%), and (8)BF4 (27%). The reaction of the thiopyridine complex, CpCr(CO)2(SPy) (4), with I2 also produced a similar μ3-oxo complex 10 (31%), together with CpCrI2(THF) (11) and the disulfide (SPy) 2. Similar reactions with 2 and 3 and I2 yielded species 5 and 7, together with 11 and disulfides derived from their respective ligands. Cyclic voltammograms recorded in solutions of 5 and 9 indicated that the compounds could be reduced and oxidized at very similar potentials. An EPR spectrum characteristic of a compound with axial symmetry was obtained for 9 at 7 K. Single-crystal X-ray diffraction analyses confirmed that species 7 is dinuclear, whereas 5 and 9 are structural trinuclear analogues, each containing a μ3-oxo central core. © 2005 American Chemical Society.
Source Title: Inorganic Chemistry
ISSN: 00201669
DOI: 10.1021/ic048287e
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