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Title: Enhancement of erbium incorporation with implantation into nanoporous GaN
Authors: Soh, C.B.
Sim, S.H.
Tripathy, S.
Chua, S.J. 
Alves, E.
Issue Date: 2009
Citation: Soh, C.B.,Sim, S.H.,Tripathy, S.,Chua, S.J.,Alves, E. (2009). Enhancement of erbium incorporation with implantation into nanoporous GaN. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 1111 : 109-114. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: GaN is a good host for rare earth implantation and has attracted much attention for their applications in optoelectronic devices due to its charge neutrality, chemical stability, and the ease of incorporation of rare-earth ions at high concentrations. In recent years, there has been much interest in Er3+ in particular its infra-red emission around 1.54p.m for optical communications. Implantation of Erbium (Er) into nanoporous GaN generated by UV enhanced electrochemical etching offers the ease of incorporation of Erbium as compared to conventional GaN template. The nanopores with size of 40 to 100nm have grain boundaries which are defined by negatively charged threading dislocations since etching occurs preferably at the center of the grain structures for GaN. This provides a greater ease for incorporation of positively charged Erbium ions, forming complexes of Er-N. Furthermore, the voids/airgap in nanoporous GaN enables in-depth incorporation of implanted Erbium ions with a dose of 1 × 1015 cm-2 as compared to conventional GaN. Different furnace annealing temperatures from 900°C, 1000°C and 1100°C were used. Upon furnace annealing at 1100°C, reasonable damage recovery occurs as indicated by the strong GaN bandedge PL emission. Formation of columnar structures on the sample surface for nanoporous GaN is believed to have enhanced GaN bandedge emission. From low-frequency UV Raman spectra, its reveal additional Er-induced host local modes around 317cm-1 and 475 cm-1. Comparing these vibrational modes with our past study, we can conclude that these peaks occur exclusively due to such rare earth Erbium implanted GaN and the emergence of such modes scales with the activation of Erbium incorporation in GaN lattice. © 2009 Materials Research Society.
Source Title: Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings
ISSN: 02729172
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