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Title: MOBITAT2: A mobile habitat based on the trigon construction system
Authors: Howe, A.S.
Gibson, I. 
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Howe, A.S.,Gibson, I. (2006). MOBITAT2: A mobile habitat based on the trigon construction system. Collection of Technical Papers - Space 2006 Conference 3 : 1643-1665. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This paper describes a preliminary concept for mobile habitats that help illustrate possible uses for the modular robotic Trigom construction system. Modular mobile habitats have been shown to possess the potential to satisfy multiple requirements for initial planetary surface base construction and surface rover mobility. The Habot / Mobitat-style mobile habitats would be mass-produced and operate on the planet surface in groups and clusters to form re-Iocatable / reconfigurable habitats and bases. However as currently proposed, the Habot / Mobitat-style concept is limited in its adaptability to other uses, especially after the initial need for the mobile habitat is ended. The Trigon system allows for a kit-of-parts approach to habitat construction and vehicle design, such that initial configurations can later be disassembled or reconfigured for completely different requirements in more permanent Class II or Class III surface construction scenarios. A rover, habitat, and other potential applications are introduced.
Source Title: Collection of Technical Papers - Space 2006 Conference
ISBN: 1563478242
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