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Title: Experimental study of a simulated counter-current adsorption system-VII. Effects of non-linear and interacting isotherms
Authors: Ching, C.B. 
Chu, K.H. 
Hidajat, K. 
Ruthven, D.M.
Issue Date: Apr-1993
Citation: Ching, C.B.,Chu, K.H.,Hidajat, K.,Ruthven, D.M. (1993-04). Experimental study of a simulated counter-current adsorption system-VII. Effects of non-linear and interacting isotherms. Chemical Engineering Science 48 (7) : 1343-1351. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Continuous operation of a simulated counter-current adsorption process for separating a binary mixture with non-linear, interacting equilibrium relationships has been demonstrated experimentally. Emphasis is placed on the derivations of operating conditions for attaining high product purity and recovery when the isotherm is non-linear. With properly chosen flow conditions efficient separation is possible but the extract and raffinate products are generally recovered at concentrations lower than the feed. It is shown that this limitation can be avoided, and four our model system the extract product can be produced in high concentration and in relatively pure form by taking advantage of the effect of isotherm interaction. The suggested mode of operation may be applied, in principle, to increase the concentration of the extract product in any separation in which the adsorption equilibrium for the extract product components increases with increasing concentration of the raffinate product component. The practical feasibility of this mode of operation depends on the extend of the isotherm interaction. © 1993.
Source Title: Chemical Engineering Science
ISSN: 00092509
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