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Title: Externally bonded fiber-reinforced polymer for rehabilitation of corrosion damaged concrete beams
Authors: Bonacci, J.F.
Maalej, M. 
Keywords: Corrosion
Issue Date: Sep-2000
Citation: Bonacci, J.F.,Maalej, M. (2000-09). Externally bonded fiber-reinforced polymer for rehabilitation of corrosion damaged concrete beams. ACI Structural Journal 97 (5) : 703-711. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This paper reports the results of an experimental program designed to provide a realistic assessment of the potential of using fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials in the repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete (RC) flexural members. The experimental program included seven RC flexural beams 270 x 400 mm in cross section and 4350 mm in length. Four of the seven RC beams were reinforced externally with one or two layers of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) composite. Variables considered in this experimental program included state of damage (damaged versus undamaged) and loading condition during bonding (loaded versus unloaded). Damage was introduced in four of the seven RC beams using an accelerated corrosion technique developed at the University of Toronto. Tests in the current study show that it is necessary to consider the effects of corrosion- and load-induced damage as well as sustained load on the load-carrying and deflection capacities of externally reinforced flexural members. Furthermore, it is concluded that it is possible to achieve adequate corrosion repair with externally bonded CFRP and minimal intervention. In particular, the current study shows that it is important to optimize CFRP layout to balance strength recovery with control of faulting and splitting, which could lead to premature member failure.
Source Title: ACI Structural Journal
ISSN: 08893241
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