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Title: Exact solutions of electromagnetic fields in both near and far zones radiated by thin circularloop antennas: A general representation
Authors: Li, L.W. 
Leong, M.S. 
Kooi, P.S. 
Yeo, T.S. 
Keywords: Closedform solution
Eigenfunction expansion
Electromagnetic radiation
Loop antennas
Vectorwave functions
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: Li, L.W.,Leong, M.S.,Kooi, P.S.,Yeo, T.S. (1997). Exact solutions of electromagnetic fields in both near and far zones radiated by thin circularloop antennas: A general representation. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 45 (12) : 17411748-. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This paper presents an alternative vector analysis of the electromagnetic (EM) fields radiated from thin circularloop antennas of arbitrary radius a. This method, which employs the dyadic Green's function in the derivation of the EM radiated fields, makes the analysis more general, compact, and straightforward than those two methods published recently by Werner and Overfelt. Both near and far zones are considered so that the EM radiated fields are expressed in terms of the vectorwave eigenfunctions. Not only the exact solution of the EM fields in the near and far zones outside the region (where r > a) is derived by the use of the spherical Hankel function of the first kind, but also the closedseries form of the EM fields radiated in the near zone inside the region 0 < r < a is obtained in series of the spherical Bessel functions of the first kind. As an example, a Fourier cosine series is used to expand an arbitrary current distribution along the loop and the exact representations of the EM radiated fields due to the loop everywhere are obtained in closed form. The closed form reduces to those for the sinusoidal current loop and further for the uniform current loop. Validity of the approximate formulas is discussed and clarified. Error analysis based on numerical computations of the radiated fields is also given to show the accuracy of the limiting cases. © 1997 IEEE.
Source Title: IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
ISSN: 0018926X
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