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Title: Template-Assisted Synthesis and Study of One-Dimensional Nanostructures Array
Authors: LOH PUI YEE
Keywords: template-assisted, one-dimensional, coaxial multi-layered, AAO, carbon nanotubes, electrochemical
Issue Date: 3-Oct-2013
Citation: LOH PUI YEE (2013-10-03). Template-Assisted Synthesis and Study of One-Dimensional Nanostructures Array. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This thesis demonstrates strategies to prepare unique 1D architectures in a simple and direct manner using anodic aluminium oxide (AAO) and aligned multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) as templates. In the selection of materials, we have chosen to investigate materials with potentials in optical and electrochemical applications. At the beginning of the thesis, we established optimal parameters to electropolymerize poly(p-phenylene vinylene) (PPV) into AAO to give arrays of photoluminescent organic 1D nanostructures. Micro-patterning of the arrays was demonstrated and interesting ?red-shifting? of the luminescence maxima was observed upon laser modification in air. This followed by the use of AAO as the source of Al3+ ions as well as the scaffold for fabrication Co/Al-LDH nanoflakes supported on Co nanowires. These arrays exhibited excellent electrochemical capacitance and sensing properties. To further demonstrate the versatility of AAO template, we developed a ?Pore-widening method? to fabricate various coaxial multi-layered 1D hetero-nanostructures. Finally, we used aligned MWCNT as support for growth of MWCNT/PPV core-shell nanowires via electrochemical method. The resulting arrays were then tested for photocurrent response towards 405nm laser.
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