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Title: Composite Controlled Release System of Nitric Oxide for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering Application
Keywords: Nitric oxide, controlled release, restenosis, nanoparticle, S-nitrosothiols, poly(vinyl alcohol)
Issue Date: 27-Sep-2013
Citation: ZHANG QINYUAN (2013-09-27). Composite Controlled Release System of Nitric Oxide for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering Application. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Current synthetic vascular grafts for the reconstructive bypass surgeries face the problem of post-surgery restenosis. Localised sustained release of nitric oxide (NO) is a promising strategy to prevent restenotic events such as vascular smooth muscle cells (vSMCs) over-proliferation, and promote the healing of injured endothelial layer. In this project, a composite controlled release system of NO was developed as a potential material for synthetic vascular grafts via the integration of NO-releasing nanoparticle, hydrogel and polymeric film. A new NO-releasing gelatin-siloxane nanoparticle (GS-NO NP) was developed via S-nitrosothiol modification with good NO-releasing property and excellent cytocompatibility. The potential of freeze-thawed poly(vinyl alcohol) (FT-PVA) hydrogels as carriers for GS-NO NP was evaluated from their property changes with nanoparticle addition, suggesting single FT-PVA hydrogel system might be suitable for applications with moderate addition of GS-NO NPs to maintain their hydrogel properties. GS-NO NP-doped PVA hydrogels were further integrated with biaxial stretched poly(e-caprolactone) films (?PCL) using electrospinning and freezing-thawing (F/T) technique. The integrated composite release system of NO (PCL/PVA/GS-NO) exhibited prolonged NO release for up to 40 days, and enhanced mechanical properties as compared to single FT-PVA hydrogel system, demonstrating the potential to be used for restenosis prevention and as materials for synthetic vascular graft construction.
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