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Title: Study of Epithelial Collective Cell Migration with Microfabricated Tools
Keywords: microfabricated tools, cell traction force, collective cell dynamics, particle image velocimetry, epithelial cells, protein patterning
Issue Date: 16-Aug-2013
Citation: LEONG MAN CHUN (2013-08-16). Study of Epithelial Collective Cell Migration with Microfabricated Tools. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: We studied the effect of extracellular matrix constraints on migratory dynamics of multicellular bodies on free ECM surface and in confinement. Using various microfabricated tools (e.g, micropillar array and micro-contact printing), we explored effect of ECM constraints in the emergence of collective behaviour within epithelial sheets. Various migratory patterns are manifested by migrating epithelial sheet on linear fibronectin strips. Coordinated and synchronized rotatory movement of cells are equally recapitulated in epithelial cells confined on the circular patterns. Such collective rotation behaviour is dependent on cell density, size of the micropatterned circles and cell-cell junction. These findings demonstrate the existence of different collective cell migration patterns depending on ECM constraints and provide a mechanical explanation for how large-scale interactions through cell?cell junctions can feed back to regulate the organization of migrating tissues.
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