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Title: Heterogeneous Catalysis in Protodecarboxylation and C-C Bond Formation
Authors: TOY XIU YI
Keywords: heterogeneous, catalysis, carboxylic acids, decarboxylation, cross-coupling, biphenyls
Issue Date: 16-Aug-2013
Citation: TOY XIU YI (2013-08-16). Heterogeneous Catalysis in Protodecarboxylation and C-C Bond Formation. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Ullmann reaction and decarboxylative cross-coupling reactions are green alternatives for the formation of C-C bonds between aromatic compounds. These methods do not require preformed organometallic reagents which improve its atom efficiency. Since heterogeneous catalysts offer many advantages over homogeneous catalysts such as easy separation and recovery, the aim of this study is to develop and improve heterogeneous catalysts for Ullmann reaction and decarboxylative cross-coupling. We have developed a Pd(OAc)2-PEG-EG catalytic system for Ullmann coupling of bromobenzene. Also, we presented the use of alumina supported Ag and Cu catalysts for protodecarboxylation of ortho-substituted aromatic benzoic acids. Finally, the monometallic Ag/Al2O3 and Cu/Al2O3 catalysts, and bimetallic Cu.Pd/Al2O3 catalysts were used in the study of decarboxylative cross-coupling of potassium salt of 2-nitrobenzoic acid and iodobenzene.
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