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Title: Factors influencing the reimbursement rate of egg donation within a competitive free-market system
Authors: Heng, B.C. 
Keywords: Compensation
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Heng, B.C. (2007). Factors influencing the reimbursement rate of egg donation within a competitive free-market system. Reproductive BioMedicine Online 15 (1) : 16-18. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The current situation of oocyte donation in the USA serves as a useful paradigm for a laissez-faire free-market model of egg donor reimbursement, based on supply and demand. There is a rapidly emerging consensus of what would be considered desirable attributes in an egg donor, which would in turn determine her market value in financial reimbursement. First and foremost is the race anal ethnicity of the donor. As expected, the shortage of egg donors from some ethnic groups such as East Asians and Jews has resulted in higher reimbursement rates for donors of such ethnicity. Second is the educational attainment of the donor, in particular high scholastic aptitude test scores and degrees from prestigious universities. Third is the employment status and career of the prospective donor. Last, but not least, are the personal esthetics of the egg donor, her physical appearance, from complexion to stature. These can be summarized as the Four Es: ethnicity, education, employment and esthetics, which are somewhat analogous to the Four Cs of diamond price valuation (colour, clarity, carat and cut). Although such an analogy may appear rather superficial, the free-market systems that have evolved in response to a growing demand for these two completely unrelated items are uncannily similar. © 2007 Published by Reproductive Healthcare Ltd.
Source Title: Reproductive BioMedicine Online
ISSN: 14726483
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