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Title: Fabrication of 3D metamaterials using two-photon polymerization and selective silver electroless plating
Keywords: metamaterial; two-photon; selective electroless plating
Issue Date: 28-Sep-2011
Citation: YAN YUANJUN (2011-09-28). Fabrication of 3D metamaterials using two-photon polymerization and selective silver electroless plating. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Three dimensional (3D) metamaterials have unique properties over their 2D counterparts, such as enhanced sensitivity, negative refraction and chirality. However, the fabrication of micron-sized 3D metallic structures is challenging. There are conventional approaches such as aligned layer-by-layer metal deposition, or electroplating with a polymer template. These methods can be time consuming, costly, difficult to carry out, and most importantly, full 3D control is not possible. In this thesis, we have developed techniques that allow for arbitrary 3D metallic structures to be fabricated simply and efficiently, via two steps: a true 3D lithographic micro-fabrication based on two-photon polymerization followed by a selective silver electroless plating step that can conformally coat all sides of the polymer structure surfaces uniformly with silver, while leaving the silicon substrate uncoated. To demonstrate the techniques developed in this thesis, we have fabricated high aspect ratio split-ring resonators that can be used as sensors, and 3D silver helical structures that can be used as terahertz (THz) broadband circular polarizers. The combination of the two techniques has allowed for true 3D metamaterials to be fabricated simply and efficiently.
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