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Title: A Simulation By Using Cohesive Zone Model For Indentation Test In Thin-Film/Substrate Systems
Keywords: cohesive indentation film substrate fracture simulation
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2008
Citation: YIN YOUSHENG (2008-01-20). A Simulation By Using Cohesive Zone Model For Indentation Test In Thin-Film/Substrate Systems. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: This master thesis presents finite element simulation of interface adhesion properties and interfacial delamination cracking processes of thin film systems during indentation experiments using wedge-shape indenters. The cohesive zone model based on traction separation law (T-S) is employed during the FEM simulation. The cohesive zone model used in this thesis contains three important parameters: interface strength, interface energy and the shape of the traction separation law. This thesis studied the effect of interface strength and interface energy on the initiation of interface delamination and effect of the thickness and properties of the film on the interface adhesion and delamination processes. This thesis also compared the FEM simulation results with the nanoindentation experimental results obtained using two wedge indenters having 90o and 120o inclusion angles on thin-film/substrate systems. The similarity and differences between the simulation and experiments are made. Commercial software ABAQUS (version 6.5) is used in this simulation work.
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