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Title: Ion Conduction Mechanisms In Fast Ion Conducting Oxide Glasses For Rechargeable Batteries
Keywords: Molecular dynamics simulation, Lithium ion conduction, Bond valence approach, Ion transport in glasses, Mixed glass former, Glass structure.
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2010
Citation: THIEU DUC THO (2010-11-06). Ion Conduction Mechanisms In Fast Ion Conducting Oxide Glasses For Rechargeable Batteries. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Fast ion conducting glasses have been widely studied for technologically important applications such as solid electrolytes in electrochemical devices, especially all-solid-state rechargeable batteries, due to their high ionic conductivity and negligible electronic conductivity. A detailed understanding of ion conduction mechanisms in these glasses is one of the key features for the development of solid electrolytes. However, such knowledge has yet to be thoroughly understood. This thesis therefore deals with investigation of ion conduction mechanisms in fast ion conducting glasses, especially oxide-based glasses. Influence of network modifier (e.g., lithium silicates xLi2O?(1?x)SiO2) and halide dopant concentration (e.g., lithium halide-doped phosphates yLiX?(1?y)(0.60Li2O?0.40P2O5), where X = Cl, Br), as well as of mixed glass former effect (e.g., lithium borophosphates 0.45Li2O?(0.55?x)P2O5?xB2O3) on the structure, physical properties (glass transition temperature, ionic conductivity, etc) and lithium ion transport pathways is clarified using the combination of both experimental and computer simulation techniques. The features of Li+ ion transport pathways and thus the ion conduction mechanisms of the investigated glasses will be revealed and elucidated.
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