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Title: 创新中的复古 : 沈约《郊居赋》硏究 = Restoring the Ancient ways through Innovations: Shen Yue's "Poetic Essay on Living in the Suburbs" ("Jioa Ju Fu")
Authors: 丁涵
Keywords: Shen Yue, the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Poetic Essay on Living in the Suburbs, Jiaoju Fu, Chinese Eremitic Tradition, Fu on Reclusion
Issue Date: 19-Jan-2011
Citation: 丁涵,DING HAN (2011-01-19). 创新中的复古 : 沈约《郊居赋》硏究 = Restoring the Ancient ways through Innovations: Shen Yue's "Poetic Essay on Living in the Suburbs" ("Jioa Ju Fu"). ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Shen Yue (441-513), who occupied a peculiar position through three successive dynasties (420-557), was a notable litterateur and principal figure in his participation into the political vicissitudes of the Southern and Northern Dynasties era. Apart from only several previous relevant studies on his cultural and literary activities, there is no thorough and integral examination and inquiry into Shen Yue's "Poetic Essay on Living in the Suburbs". Focusing upon the poetic text itself, this study will also extensively discuss some other related works on the intellectual and religious thoughts in the context of the scholar-official class of the Six Dynasties, which is normally designated as early medieval China. Therefore, the first chapter critically reviews the past and current knowledge about this topic, and the second chapter is brought together here with a concern about the intellectual s? tension between desires of public office and self-cultivation which was passed on by the cultural tradition after the pre-Qin times. Within this atmosphere, the thread of fu, especially the reception and development of the fu on Reclusion and Parallel-style grand fu is taken into consideration in the third chapter. In accordance with the last two chapters, Chapter 4 offers a fundamental analysis on the text of "Poetic Essay on Living in the Suburbs" itself. Based upon the completion of above steps, Chapter 5 comparatively investigates a list of works in the same thematic catalogue (eg., Xie Lingyun?s classic fu: "Poetic Essay on Mountain-dwelling", etc.) which is considered as his models and the reasons that attribute to the Xie?s imitations and innovations. Finally this study concludes with an in-depth refection on what Shen?s real motive is behind the richly woven fabric of the inner content in the last chapter. In particular, the living in seclusion is actually a place symbolically located in his mind. His incentives for reclusion are interwoven with the shift of the religious faith and speculative demand for the reality.
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