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Title: A bacteriohodopsin/ATP synthase liposome system for light-driven ATP production
Authors: TAN WEE JIN
Keywords: bacteriorhodopsin, ATP synthase, liposome, synthetic biology
Issue Date: 14-Feb-2011
Citation: TAN WEE JIN (2011-02-14). A bacteriohodopsin/ATP synthase liposome system for light-driven ATP production. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In recent years there has been much progress in the field of synthetic biology, wherein biological processes and systems are de-constructed and re-engineered to display novel functions that may not exist in nature. Molecular motors, rotors and artificial cell constructs utilising basic building blocks derived from nature have been constructed. Such biologically-inspired devices require a compatible source of energy such as ATP in order to function and do useful work. The long-term operation of such devices will depend critically on the self-sustainable conversion of energy sources into ATP. The goal of my research is to evaluate a coupled bacteriorhodopsin (BR)-ATP synthase system and develop it as a light-driven system for ATP synthesis, capable of being harnessed to power ATP-dependent enzymatic processes and devices. Harnessing the relatively limitless power of sunlight and recycling of the biological energy carrier ATP/ADP enables a clean and long-term operation, while more advanced control over the light source enables extremely sophisticated modulation of the device operation. In this work, the foundations for the extraction and purification of BR and TF1Fo ATP synthase, and directional co-incorporation into phospholipid vesicles via detergent mediation were established. The pumping of H+ by BR into the liposome lumen upon light illumination is also demonstrated. Issues regarding the complex purification of the TF1Fo ATP synthase membrane protein via anion exchange chromatography and fractional precipitation are discussed.
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