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Title: Population genetics and phylogeny of the malesian palm genus Johannesteijsmannia H.E.Moore (Palmae)
Authors: LOOK SU LEE
Keywords: Johannesteijsmannia; population genetics; phylogeny; AFLP; PRK and RPB2
Issue Date: 18-Oct-2007
Citation: LOOK SU LEE (2007-10-18). Population genetics and phylogeny of the malesian palm genus Johannesteijsmannia H.E.Moore (Palmae). ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Johannesteijsmannia contains four species. Aims of the work include elucidating their population genetics, systematics and phylogeny for conservation. Morphometric analyses support their circumscription. When the stem characters were excluded, Jt. perakensis nests within Jt. altifrons. AFLP data do not support hybridisation between Jt. altifrons, Jt. lanceolata and Jt. magnifica, despite their overlapping range in Peninsular Malaysia. Jt. perakensis overlaps with Jt. altifrons in phenograms and PCO scatter plots, suggesting the former is a subspecies of the latter. Sequences of PRK and RPB2 genes determine Johannesteijsmannia as monophyletic with high bootstrap support, but could not resolve the four congeners. AFLP data show that populations of each species contain moderate genetic diversity. AMOVA results show that all congeners have higher genetic variation within population than between populations. Bayesian analyses suggest they are outcrossing species. Mantel Test shows significant correlation between geographical and genetic distance only for Jt. altifrons.
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