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dc.titleTowards resolved-sideband Raman cooling of a single 87Rb atom in a FORT
dc.contributor.authorLEE JIANWEI
dc.identifier.citationLEE JIANWEI (2010-07-15). Towards resolved-sideband Raman cooling of a single 87Rb atom in a FORT. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractThe energy distribution of a laser cooled single 87Rb atom in a far-off resonant dipole trap (FORT) was characterised. This is done by determining the probability of recapturing the atom by the FORT after the atom is released by shutting off the FORT for a variable time ? an atom with a higher average kinetic energy will have a lower overall recapture probability. Using a classical treatment of the atomic motion, and assuming a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution, we determine the average energy to correspond to a temperature T = 35(1) ?K. We also demonstrated Rabi oscillation between two hyperfine ground states of the atom using a two-photon Raman transition, which would be the starting point of a cooling scheme that should bring the atom close to its motional ground state. So far, a Rabi frequency of 1.3MHz has been achieved and we observed a coherence time of 3.3 ?s. Increasing the coherence time above 70 ?s in our setup is required if we want to adopt a cooling procedure that resolves the motional levels so as to optically transfer the atom down one motional level at a time (resolved-sideband Raman cooling). Achieving the motional ground state of the atom is paramount to experimentally determining the scattering probability of a single atom in a FORT when subjected to a strongly focused, weak Gaussian probe.
dc.subjectresolved-sideband, Raman, FORT, atom, cooling,
dc.contributor.supervisorCHRISTIAN KURTSIEFER
dc.description.degreeconferredMASTER OF SCIENCE
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