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dc.titleDifferentiation of COVID-19 signs and symptoms from allergic rhinitis and common cold: An ARIA-EAACI-GA<sup>2</sup>LEN consensus
dc.contributor.authorHagemann, J
dc.contributor.authorOnorato, GL
dc.contributor.authorJutel, M
dc.contributor.authorAkdis, CA
dc.contributor.authorAgache, I
dc.contributor.authorZuberbier, T
dc.contributor.authorCzarlewski, W
dc.contributor.authorMullol, J
dc.contributor.authorBedbrook, A
dc.contributor.authorBachert, C
dc.contributor.authorBennoor, KS
dc.contributor.authorBergmann, KC
dc.contributor.authorBraido, F
dc.contributor.authorCamargos, P
dc.contributor.authorCaraballo, L
dc.contributor.authorCardona, V
dc.contributor.authorCasale, T
dc.contributor.authorCecchi, L
dc.contributor.authorChivato, T
dc.contributor.authorChu, DK
dc.contributor.authorCingi, C
dc.contributor.authorCorreia-de-Sousa, J
dc.contributor.authordel Giacco, S
dc.contributor.authorDokic, D
dc.contributor.authorDykewicz, M
dc.contributor.authorEbisawa, M
dc.contributor.authorEl-Gamal, Y
dc.contributor.authorEmuzyte, R
dc.contributor.authorFauquert, JL
dc.contributor.authorFiocchi, A
dc.contributor.authorFokkens, WJ
dc.contributor.authorFonseca, JA
dc.contributor.authorGemicioglu, B
dc.contributor.authorGomez, RM
dc.contributor.authorGotua, M
dc.contributor.authorHaahtela, T
dc.contributor.authorHamelmann, E
dc.contributor.authorIinuma, T
dc.contributor.authorIvancevich, JC
dc.contributor.authorJassem, E
dc.contributor.authorKalayci, O
dc.contributor.authorKardas, P
dc.contributor.authorKhaitov, M
dc.contributor.authorKuna, P
dc.contributor.authorKvedariene, V
dc.contributor.authorLarenas-Linnemann, DE
dc.contributor.authorLipworth, B
dc.contributor.authorMakris, M
dc.contributor.authorMaspero, JF
dc.contributor.authorMiculinic, N
dc.contributor.authorMihaltan, F
dc.contributor.authorMohammad, Y
dc.contributor.authorMontefort, S
dc.contributor.authorMorais-Almeida, M
dc.contributor.authorMösges, R
dc.contributor.authorNaclerio, R
dc.contributor.authorNeffen, H
dc.contributor.authorNiedoszytko, M
dc.contributor.authorO’Hehir, RE
dc.contributor.authorOhta, K
dc.contributor.authorOkamoto, Y
dc.contributor.authorOkubo, K
dc.contributor.authorPanzner, P
dc.contributor.authorPapadopoulos, NG
dc.contributor.authorPassalacqua, G
dc.contributor.authorPatella, V
dc.contributor.authorPereira, A
dc.contributor.authorPfaar, O
dc.contributor.authorPlavec, D
dc.contributor.authorPopov, TA
dc.contributor.authorProkopakis, EP
dc.contributor.authorPuggioni, F
dc.contributor.authorRaciborski, F
dc.contributor.authorReijula, J
dc.contributor.authorRegateiro, FS
dc.contributor.authorReitsma, S
dc.contributor.authorRomano, A
dc.contributor.authorRosario, N
dc.contributor.authorRottem, M
dc.contributor.authorRyan, D
dc.contributor.authorSamolinski, B
dc.contributor.authorSastre, J
dc.contributor.authorSolé, D
dc.contributor.authorSova, M
dc.contributor.authorStellato, C
dc.contributor.authorSuppli-Ulrik, C
dc.contributor.authorTsiligianni, I
dc.contributor.authorValero, A
dc.contributor.authorValiulis, A
dc.contributor.authorValovirta, E
dc.contributor.authorVasankari, T
dc.contributor.authorVentura, MT
dc.contributor.authorWallace, D
dc.contributor.authorWang, DY
dc.contributor.authorWilliams, S
dc.contributor.authorYorgancioglu, A
dc.contributor.authorYusuf, OM
dc.contributor.authorZernotti, M
dc.contributor.authorBousquet, J
dc.contributor.authorKlimek, L
dc.identifier.citationHagemann, J, Onorato, GL, Jutel, M, Akdis, CA, Agache, I, Zuberbier, T, Czarlewski, W, Mullol, J, Bedbrook, A, Bachert, C, Bennoor, KS, Bergmann, KC, Braido, F, Camargos, P, Caraballo, L, Cardona, V, Casale, T, Cecchi, L, Chivato, T, Chu, DK, Cingi, C, Correia-de-Sousa, J, del Giacco, S, Dokic, D, Dykewicz, M, Ebisawa, M, El-Gamal, Y, Emuzyte, R, Fauquert, JL, Fiocchi, A, Fokkens, WJ, Fonseca, JA, Gemicioglu, B, Gomez, RM, Gotua, M, Haahtela, T, Hamelmann, E, Iinuma, T, Ivancevich, JC, Jassem, E, Kalayci, O, Kardas, P, Khaitov, M, Kuna, P, Kvedariene, V, Larenas-Linnemann, DE, Lipworth, B, Makris, M, Maspero, JF, Miculinic, N, Mihaltan, F, Mohammad, Y, Montefort, S, Morais-Almeida, M, Mösges, R, Naclerio, R, Neffen, H, Niedoszytko, M, O’Hehir, RE, Ohta, K, Okamoto, Y, Okubo, K, Panzner, P, Papadopoulos, NG, Passalacqua, G, Patella, V, Pereira, A, Pfaar, O, Plavec, D, Popov, TA, Prokopakis, EP, Puggioni, F, Raciborski, F, Reijula, J, Regateiro, FS, Reitsma, S, Romano, A, Rosario, N, Rottem, M, Ryan, D, Samolinski, B, Sastre, J, Solé, D, Sova, M, Stellato, C, Suppli-Ulrik, C, Tsiligianni, I, Valero, A, Valiulis, A, Valovirta, E, Vasankari, T, Ventura, MT, Wallace, D, Wang, DY, Williams, S, Yorgancioglu, A, Yusuf, OM, Zernotti, M, Bousquet, J, Klimek, L (2021-08-01). Differentiation of COVID-19 signs and symptoms from allergic rhinitis and common cold: An ARIA-EAACI-GA<sup>2</sup>LEN consensus. Allergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 76 (8) : 2354-2366. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractBackground: Although there are many asymptomatic patients, one of the problems of COVID-19 is early recognition of the disease. COVID-19 symptoms are polymorphic and may include upper respiratory symptoms. However, COVID-19 symptoms may be mistaken with the common cold or allergic rhinitis. An ARIA-EAACI study group attempted to differentiate upper respiratory symptoms between the three diseases. Methods: A modified Delphi process was used. The ARIA members who were seeing COVID-19 patients were asked to fill in a questionnaire on the upper airway symptoms of COVID-19, common cold and allergic rhinitis. Results: Among the 192 ARIA members who were invited to respond to the questionnaire, 89 responded and 87 questionnaires were analysed. The consensus was then reported. A two-way ANOVA revealed significant differences in the symptom intensity between the three diseases (p <.001). Conclusions: This modified Delphi approach enabled the differentiation of upper respiratory symptoms between COVID-19, the common cold and allergic rhinitis. An electronic algorithm will be devised using the questionnaire.
dc.subjectallergic rhinitis
dc.subjectcommon cold
dc.subjectCommon Cold
dc.subjectRhinitis, Allergic
dc.contributor.departmentDEPT OF OTOLARYNGOLOGY
dc.description.sourcetitleAllergy: European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
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