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Title: Singapore Ecological History Map (GIS layer files)
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Subject: Singapore
GIS layers
Rainfall data
forest cover
Extreme weather events
Mosquito Vectors
DOI: doi:10.25540/ZJ4T-A3GH
Description: GIS layer files of the "Ecological Map of Singapore":
Files titles corresond to the GIS layer titles used on the website. For an overview see here:

A01 (1885): Map of The Island of Singapore And Its Dependencies
A02 (1898): Map of The Island of Singapore And Its Dependencies
A03 (1911): Map of The Island of Singapore And Its Dependencies 1911
A04 (1924): Merger of A04a-A19
A04a (1924): Singapore Sheet No. 1: Mukim Number XII Lim Chu Kang
A05 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 2: Mukim Number XI Kranji"
A06 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 3: Mukim Number XIII Sembawang"
A07 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 4: Mukim Number XXI Punggol"
A08 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 5: Mukim Number: VI Peng Kang"
A09 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 6: Mukim Number: XIII Sembawang"
A10 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 7: Mukim Number: XIII Sembawang"
A11 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 8: Mukim Number: XXVII Bedok"
A12 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 9: Mukim: VIII Bajau"
A13 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 10: Mukim: X Jurong"
A14 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 11: Mukim Number: XXVI Siglap"
A15 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 12: Mukim Number: XXIII Paya Lebar"
A16 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet No. 13. Pulau Satu"
A17 (1924): 'Singapore Sheet no. 14. Pulau Ayer Merbau"
A18 (1924): Singapore Sheet no. 15: Mukim number I Telok Blanga
A19 (1924): Singapore Sheet No.16 (Inset). Pulau Tekong
A20 (1927): Singapore
A21 (1947): Malaya - Singapore and Johore Bahru
A23 (1975[1]): Hydrogeologic Map of the Islands of Singapore
A24 (1977): Soil Map of Republic of Singapore
A26 (2006[2]): Merger of A26a-A31
A26a (2006[2]): Geological Maps of Singapore Sheet 1: Lim Chu Kang
A27 (2006[2]): Geological Maps of Singapore Sheet 2: Tampines
A28 (2006[2]): Geological Maps of Singapore Sheet 3: Pulau Tekong
A29 (2006[2]): Geological Maps of Singapore Sheet 4: Jurong
A30 (2006[2]): Geological Maps of Singapore Sheet 5: Bedok
A31 (2006[2]): Geological Maps of Singapore Sheet 6: Southern Islands
A32 (2006[2]): Geological Maps of Singapore Sheet 7: Cross Sections
A33 (2008[3]): Geological Maps of Singapore Sheet 8: Locality Map
A34 (1849): Thomson Town Map (1849)
A35 (1852): Map of Singapore Island, And Its Dependencies (1852)
A36 (1868): Gambier plantation map of Singapore Island (1868)
B39 (1860): Singapore Residency
B40 (1860 and later): Meteorological Stations
B01 (1873): Map of the Island of Singapore and its dependencies
B02 (1877): January Rainfall
B03 (1877): February Rainfall
B04 (1877): March Rainfall
B05 (1877): April Rainfall
B06 (1877): May Rainfall
B07 (1877): June Rainfall
B08 (1877): July Rainfall
B09 (1877): August Rainfall
B10 (1877): September Rainfall
B11 (1877): October Rainfall
B12 (1877): November Rainfall
B13 (1877): December Rainfall
B38 (1913): Map of Singapore Showing the Principal Residences and Places of Interest
B14 (1911): January Rainfall
B15 (1911): February Rainfall
B16 (1911): March Rainfall
B17 (1911): April Rainfall
B18 (1911): May Rainfall
B19 (1911): June Rainfall
B20 (1911): July Rainfall
B21 (1911): August Rainfall
B22 (1911): September Rainfall
B23 (1911): October Rainfall
B24 (1911): November Rainfall
B25 (1911): December Rainfall
B26 (1912): January Rainfall
B27 (1912): February Rainfall
B28 (1912): March Rainfall
B29 (1912): April Rainfall
B30 (1912): May Rainfall
B31 (1912): June Rainfall
B32 (1912): July Rainfall
B33 (1912): August Rainfall
B34 (1912): September Rainfall
B35 (1912): October Rainfall
B36 (1912): November Rainfall
B37 (1912): December Rainfall
B41 (1954): Singapore and Johore Bahru – Flood Map December 1954 (1954)
B42 (1976): Singapore – Flood Map December (1976)
C01 (1950): Map of Singapore
C02 (1951): Map of Singapore
C03 (1969): 'Figure 4: Map of P. Tekong showing location of malaria cases and Anopheles maculatus breeding in the 1969 malaria outbreak"
C04 (1974-5): 'Figure 3: Geographical distribution of cases in relation to tidal influence and adult harbourages at Whampoa-Kallang area"v C05 (1976-82): 'Figure 2: Geographical distribution of introduced malaria cases in Singapore"
C06 (1976-83): 'Figure 4: Geographical distribution of malaria vectors in Singapore"
C07 (1976): 'Figure 5: Malaria outbreaks at Changi and East Coast/Chai Ghee"
C08 (1980): 'Figure 6: Malaria Outbreak at Siak Kuan Road"
Citation: HUEBNER, STEFAN (2022-05-27). Singapore Ecological History Map (GIS layer files). ScholarBank@NUS Repository. [Dataset].
License: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International
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