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Title: Fabrication of three-dimensional free-standing Electromagnetic Metamaterial Structures for Therahertz Frequencies
Keywords: metamaterials, S-shaped, free-standing
Issue Date: 25-May-2010
Citation: VIRASAWMY SELVEN (2010-05-25). Fabrication of three-dimensional free-standing Electromagnetic Metamaterial Structures for Therahertz Frequencies. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: During the last decade, the field of electromagnetic metamaterials (EM3) has been the subject of intense research by scientists worldwide. Besides having contributed to unprecedented technological advancements like ultra-compact metamaterial antennas in cellular applications and fractal metamaterial antennas in defense applications as claimed by a couple of companies, metamaterials are expected to bring about more promising progresses like the sub-wavelength resolution imaging by the superlens/ hyperlens, invisibility cloaking and so on. The concept of metamaterials dates from the late 1960s with the theoretical work of Veselago. His work predicted that the interactions of electromagnetic waves with hypothetical materials having both negative permittivity e and negative permeability ? would lead to exotic properties like a negative refractive index in Snell`s law, a reverse Doppler, Cerenkov effect and many more. This thesis proposes novel free-standing gold upright S-structures for the terahertz regime. While the primary focus of this thesis lies within fabrication portions, the geometrical design and characterization of the upright S-structures are also presented. These upright structures have been fabricated through advanced microfabrication technologies and have distinct resonant frequencies due to their spatial structure. Furthermore, these S-strings are self-supporting and matrix-free, implying that their resonant frequencies are solely dependent upon the geometrical and physical properties of the metal. Also, their flexible feature allows them to be bent and shaped in various forms for more practical purposes.
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