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Title: Identification and characterisation of a mads-box gene from Rafflesia Cantleyi Solms-Laubach (Rafflesiaceae)
Keywords: MADS-box, Rafflesia, floral development, StMADS11, AGL24, SVP
Issue Date: 19-Aug-2010
Citation: PHUA EK KIAN, EDWIN (2010-08-19). Identification and characterisation of a mads-box gene from Rafflesia Cantleyi Solms-Laubach (Rafflesiaceae). ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Rafflesia is a distinctive genus of holoparasitic endophytes found only in the Indo-Malayan region, with highly reduced vegetative morphology, and usually manifest only as large, fleshy flowers on their host plants. Despite its distinct ecology and morphology, very little is known about this taxon, including information on the molecular processes of floral development. The MADS-box genes, which encode transcription factors sharing a highly conserved MADS domain are known as the key regulatory genes that mediate flower development. Therefore, in an attempt to learn more about molecular floral development in Rafflesia, we cloned and characterised a MADS-box cDNA, RcMADS1, from Rafflesia cantleyi. Using RNA from flower buds of Rafflesia cantleyi, we performed RT-PCR with degenerate primers specific for the MADS domain, followed by 5'-RACE. This yielded a cDNA of 951 bp (named RcMADS1), encoding a polypeptide of 228 amino acids. Sequence analysis of this polypeptide revealed about 57% similarity to AGL24 and SVP, two proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana that are involved in mediating various flowering signals. Phylogenetic analysis showed RcMADS1 to be nested in the StMADS11 clade, together with AGL24 and SVP. Ectopic expression of RcMADS1 in Arabidopsis thaliana as a heterologous system produced several independent lines of transgenic plants that showed alterations in flowering time and floral morphology in a dose-dependent manner, similar to the phenotypes observed when AGL24 is overexpressed. Our data suggest that RcMADS1 may be functionally similar to AGL24.
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