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dc.titleSynthesis and characterization of new metal-carbon catalysts for hydrogenation of D-Glucose
dc.contributor.authorLIU JIAJIA
dc.identifier.citationLIU JIAJIA (2010-05-10). Synthesis and characterization of new metal-carbon catalysts for hydrogenation of D-Glucose. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
dc.description.abstractHeterogeneous hydrogenation of organic compounds is a reaction of great industrial importance. The hydrogenation catalysts are generally prepared using conventional methods, such as impregnation followed by hydrogen reduction. The interaction between metal catalyst and the support is relatively weak, resulting in particle aggregation/sintering and leaching during use. In addition, there is no way to precisely control the size and location of the metal particles on the solid support through the conventional approaches. Thus, new catalyst preparation methods that afford catalytically highly active, chemically and thermally stable, and cost-effective heterogeneous hydrogenation catalysts are highly desirable. This thesis work attempted to use the template method to prepare new hydrogenation catalysts with higher catalytic activity and stability than traditional catalysts. The precise control over particle size and composition enabled an accurate establishment of structure-activity relationship.
dc.subjectheterogeneous catalyst, D-glucose hydrogenation, ruthenium nanoparticles, porous carbon support, template method, nitrogen-doped
dc.contributor.supervisorZHAO XIU SONG, GEORGE
dc.description.degreeconferredDOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY
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