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Title: Drug delivery systems for antiangiogenesis and anticancer activities
Authors: WANG ZHE
Keywords: drug delivery, combination therapy, nanoparticle, angiogenesis, metastasis, cancer
Issue Date: 4-Aug-2010
Citation: WANG ZHE (2010-08-04). Drug delivery systems for antiangiogenesis and anticancer activities. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Angiogenesis is one of the vital events for organ development and differentiation during embryogenesis as well as wound healing and reproductive functions in the adult. However, angiogenesis also contribute dramatically to tumor growth and metastasis. Hence, effective antiangiogenesis agents are investigated in the past decades. In this thesis, we designed and fabricated combinatorial nanoparticulated delivery system aiming to disrupt tumor endothelial cells and induce apoptosis in tumor cells simultaneously for antiangiogenesis and anticancer therapy. The results have supported our hypothesis on the nanoparticulated combinatorial drug delivery for simultaneous antiangiogenesis and anticancer activities. The drug formulation methods employed in this thesis were all simple and robust. This may facilitate the scale-up production of relevant products in the future. The materials we chose were also biofriendly and/or biodegradable, which minimized the potential toxicity concerns of basic materials on either cells or animals. Although successful and encouraging of the results obtained in this thesis, many further investigations remain to be done in the future, such as the genetic analysis of the therapeutic efficacy or alternative combination cocktail for other drugs or diseases.
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