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Title: Cohort profile: Singapore Preconception Study of Long-Term Maternal and Child Outcomes (S-PRESTO)
Authors: Loo EXL 
Soh SE 
Loy SL 
Ng S 
Tint MT 
Chan SY 
Huang JY
Yap F 
Tan KH 
Chern BSM 
Tan HH 
Meaney MJ 
Karnani N
Godfrey KM
Lee YS 
Chan JKY 
Gluckman PD 
Chong YS 
Shek LP 
Eriksson JG 
Chia A
Fogel AM
Rifkin-Graboi A
Qiu A
Lee BW
Cheon BK
Vaz C
Henry CJ
Forde CG
Chi C
Phua DY
Quah EPL
Tham EH
Magkos F
Mueller-Riemenschneider F 
Yong HEJ
Chen HY
Pan H
Bever HPSV
Tan HM
Aris IBM
Tay J
Xu J
Yoong JS
Choo JTL
Bernard JY
Huang JY
Lai JS
Kwek KYC
McCrickerd K
Narasimhan K
Chong KW
Lee KJ
Chen L
Ling LH
Chen LW
Daniel LM
Fortier MV
Chong MF
Chua MC
Leow MK
Gong M
Michael N
Lek N
Teoh OH
Mishra P
Velan SS
Ang SB
Cai S
Goh SH
Lim SB
Tsotsi S
Hsu SC
Sadananthan SA
Tan TH
Yew TW
Gupta V
Rajadurai VS
Han WM
Pang WW
Yuan WL
Zhu Y
Cheung YB
Chan YH
Cheng ZR
Issue Date: 21-Nov-2020
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media B.V.
Citation: Loo EXL, Soh SE, Loy SL, Ng S, Tint MT, Chan SY, Huang JY, Yap F, Tan KH, Chern BSM, Tan HH, Meaney MJ, Karnani N, Godfrey KM, Lee YS, Chan JKY, Gluckman PD, Chong YS, Shek LP, Eriksson JG, Chia A, Fogel AM, Goh AEN, Chu AHY, Rifkin-Graboi A, Qiu A, Lee BW, Cheon BK, Vaz C, Henry CJ, Forde CG, Chi C, Koh DXP, Phua DY, Loh DNL, Quah EPL, Tham EH, Law ECN, Magkos F, Mueller-Riemenschneider F, Yeo GSH, Yong HEJ, Chen HY, Pan H, Bever HPSV, Tan HM, Aris IBM, Tay J, Xu J, Yoong JS, Choo JTL, Bernard JY, Huang JY, Lai JS, Tan KML, Kwek KYC, McCrickerd K, Narasimhan K, Chong KW, Lee KJ, Chen L, Ling LH, Chen LW, Daniel LM, Fortier MV, Chong MF, Chua MC, Leow MK, Kee MZL, Gong M, Michael N, Lek N, Teoh OH, Mishra P, Li QLJ, Velan SS, Ang SB, Cai S, Goh SH, Lim SB, Tsotsi S, Hsu SC, Toh SES, Sadananthan SA, Tan TH, Yew TW, Gupta V, Rajadurai VS, Han WM, Pang WW, Yuan WL, Zhu Y, Cheung YB, Chan YH, Cheng ZR (2020-11-21). Cohort profile: Singapore Preconception Study of Long-Term Maternal and Child Outcomes (S-PRESTO). European Journal of Epidemiology 36 (1) : 129 - 142. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: The Singapore Preconception Study of Long-Term Maternal and Child Outcomes (S-PRESTO) is a preconception, longitudinal cohort study that aims to study the effects of nutrition, lifestyle, and maternal mood prior to and during pregnancy on the epigenome of the offspring and clinically important outcomes including duration of gestation, fetal growth, metabolic and neural phenotypes in the offspring. Between February 2015 and October 2017, the S-PRESTO study recruited 1039 Chinese, Malay or Indian (or any combinations thereof) women aged 18–45 years and who intended to get pregnant and deliver in Singapore, resulting in 1032 unique participants and 373 children born in the cohort. The participants were followed up for 3 visits during the preconception phase and censored at 12 months of follow up if pregnancy was not achieved (N = 557 censored). Women who successfully conceived (N = 475) were characterised at gestational weeks 6–8, 11–13, 18–21, 24–26, 27–28 and 34–36. Follow up of their index offspring (N = 373 singletons) is on-going at birth, 1, 3 and 6 weeks, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months and beyond. Women are also being followed up post-delivery. Data is collected via interviewer-administered questionnaires, metabolic imaging (magnetic resonance imaging), standardized anthropometric measurements and collection of diverse specimens, i.e. blood, urine, buccal smear, stool, skin tapes, epithelial swabs at numerous timepoints. S-PRESTO has extensive repeated data collected which include genetic and epigenetic sampling from preconception which is unique in mother–offspring epidemiological cohorts. This enables prospective assessment of a wide array of potential determinants of future health outcomes in women from preconception to post-delivery and in their offspring across the earliest development from embryonic stages into early childhood. In addition, the S-PRESTO study draws from the three major Asian ethnic groups that represent 50% of the global population, increasing the relevance of its findings to global efforts to address non-communicable diseases. © 2020, Springer Nature B.V.
Source Title: European Journal of Epidemiology
ISSN: 03932990
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