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Title: 中国诗歌中女性形象从汉到西晋的发展 = The images of woman in the poetry in the period from Han to West-Jin
Authors: 裴佩阳
Keywords: Image of Women,male poets,self-transcending
Issue Date: 24-Dec-2009
Citation: 裴佩阳,PEI PEIYANG (2009-12-24). 中国诗歌中女性形象从汉到西晋的发展 = The images of woman in the poetry in the period from Han to West-Jin. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: In the study of classical Chinese literature, Image of Women in poetry writing traces back to the Shijing and Qu Yuan's Chu elegies. Almost all main typical images of women appeared in the periods from Han to Wei-Jin Dynasty. Meanwhile, male poets were searching for the way of self-transcending and they hoped to get absolute freedom. As a result, the image of woman in poetry writing was changed by Han poets who under the influence of Confucian ethical teaching. In their writings,woman with certain masculine traits, such as bravery and heroism. At the end of the Han, the moral image of woman was replaced by boudoir resentment and a beauty in man's dream, who would understand the inner feeling of the male writer as a zhiyin ??. And since Confucian moral teaching was lax with the downfall of central authority in this period, poets were no longer reserved in their description of woman's physical beauty. In the poetry of Westen Jin, as political instability, poets attempted to follow nymph and then rediscovered a spiritual space for their inner peace and moral transcendence.
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