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Title: Conjugated Polymer and oligomer based nanosensors
Keywords: conjugated polymer, oligomer, sensor, nanoparticle, fluorescence, signal amplification
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2009
Citation: WANG YUSONG (2009-08-05). Conjugated Polymer and oligomer based nanosensors. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Highly sensitive and selective chemo/biodetection is a continuous demand in quantitative studies for biomedical research. In response to this demand, great efforts have been paid to develop convenient and effective detection systems compared with conventional radioactive/fluorescent dye assays. During the Ph.D. study, we have developed silica nanoparticle based fluorescent assays for DNA and mercury(II) detection using conjugated polymer and oligomer as the signal amplifier to improve the detection sensitivity and selectivity. We start with the optimization of experimental conditions for silica nanoparticle-DNA conjugates, and demonstrate that conjugated polymers could provide significant signal amplification in real-time. The assay is then developed for single nucleotide polymorphism DNA detection. By modifying the DNA probe immobilized on the nanoparticle surface, the assay is further extended for mercury(II) study in solution. At last, by exploiting silver NP array as a substrate, metal-enhanced fluorescence of the conjugated polymer (PFBT) is demonstrated, which opens up new possibilities to improve the detection sensitivity of conjugated polymer based bioassays.
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